Production On Stranger Things Season 4 Has Restarted After An Extensive Break Due To The Coronavirus?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

Production on Stranger Things season 4 has restarted after a comprehensive break due to this coronavirus, and anyone hoping to see the new episodes shortly might have to wait a while. The Stranger Matters Spoilers Twitter account found a Fanmio video call with celebrity Finn Wolfhard where he had been asked about the launch of the new season, noting that it”ought to be out sometime next Season ” Netflix has yet to comment on a release window to the show but star David Harbour previously cautioned that the show was originally going to premiere in the first part of 2021, meaning if the pandemic had never happened we’d have probably already seen this season.

“Every season it gets darker. Truly, I will say with Season 3 I was like, this is actually the darkest season that there will ever be, such as the exploding rats and everything. But Season 4 so much, it’s the strangest season there has ever been,” Wolfhard previously said of season 4 to CBC Song. “Every Season, it gets amped up. Each year it gets funnier and darker and sadder, and everything. Every Season, they amp it up.”

Filming first started about the new season back in March of 2020 but was quickly derailed by the COVID-19 shutdowns across the world. We don’t know how much was shot at that time but filming restarted in October of this past year and continues into the present. Additionally, it is unclear if some of the material will have to be re-shot contemplating potential growth spurts and voice changes on the part of the still-growing cast.

Photos from the season four series have steadily come on the internet in the months since then with some popping up in January of this season and as recently as two weeks ago even. There’s one good thing that has become of the delays in production for the season, everyone the episodes had the ability to be composed before they got started.

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“I will just say the pandemic definitely massively delayed shooting and so the launching of our present Season 4, date still TBD,” series executive producer Shawn Levy informed Collider in November about the premiere date. “But it impacted very positively by allowing the Duffer brothers, for the first time ever, to compose the entire season before we shoot it and also to have enough time to rewrite in a way that they seldom had before so the caliber of those screenplays are exceptional, possibly better than ever”

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