Power of self-study: Bihar boy clears UPSC in first attempt, scores AIR 10

Sugandh chetry
Sugandh chetry

Satyam Gandhi, he hails from a rural family which is situated in Bihar. Astonishingly he has never heard about momos and sandwiches but he backed a seat in Delhi University. Living in a small room in a Karol Bagh PG, he self-studied his lessons and scored 10th rank in the UPSC Civil Services exam this year. And that too on his very first attempt.

UPSC preparation

Satyam Gandhi is 22-years old. He studied his way off for the UPSC. He wasn’t preparing for years in fact he just started preparing for a year. That too with no coaching and tuitions, which is very necessary interns of big exams like this. And he says that self-study is the key to success.

Yes and that is definitely right. You may go for pricy coaching professor’s lessons but even that lessons at the end you will need to study on your own. So of we self-study, we see our own professors and we’ll know what to study, when to study and how to study. This will minimise the time consumed and we’ll have plenty of time for preparing.
The small PG that he lived in, its room is covered with full of books with maps and timetables. So as to visually memorize. All of these are posted on the walls to help in his UPSC preparation. He says he studied for 8 to 10 hours a day with a full focus on a strategy.

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Difficult times moulded him

Hailing from a simple background, from a very middle-class family, from a small village. Who has never heard about momos, now that must be astonishing, he proved to this world? That knowledge overpowers all the materialistic barriers. Satyam’s father had to take a loan for his son’s education, to help his son study in Delhi.

So it’s said that what you sow you reap. Satyam’s father had sowed a very hardworking and talented son. And now finally his son has made him proud. Satyam never let the city life divert his focus from his UPSC preparation. Instead, all of this that he couldn’t do made his motivation.

Satyam Gandhi says it was facing these difficult situations that made him mature. Indeed difficult times makes us stronger. These times are not taking away your happiness but it’s giving you the strength to fight back and to ho about in life. That is the lesson we should learn from Satyam.

Now he is a UPSC topper with a Rank of 10. He says he will finally take a break from his studies now and visit his home in Bihar to meet his parents. He has been busy preparing for his exam that he had no time even for his parents. Now that he has achieved it, he wants to go and meet his parents. Satyam wish is that he wants to solve all of the problems faced in rural areas after becoming an IAS and hopes to get into the Bihar cadre itself.

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