Poonam Pandey is Alive! Her death was a publicity stunt


Poonam Pandey’s team posted on her social media account on February 2nd, confirming her death. The post mentioned that she died from cervical cancer. In a surprising turn of events, Poonam Pandey posted a video in which she clarified, “I didn’t die because of cervical cancer.” So she is alive.

Poonam Pandey raises awareness about cervical cancer

In a video posted on social media, actress Poonam Pandey can be heard saying, “I’m alive. I didn’t die from cervical cancer. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the hundreds of thousands of women who have died as a result of cervical cancer. It was not because they couldn’t do anything, but because they didn’t know what to do. I’m here to inform you that, unlike other cancers, cervical cancer is preventable.” To raise awareness about cervical cancer, the Lock Upp star adds, “All you have to do is get your test done and get the HPV vaccine.” We can do all this and more to make sure there are no more lives lost in this case.”

Poonam captioned the short video, “I feel compelled to share something significant with you all: I am here, alive. Cervical cancer did not claim my life, but it has tragically taken the lives of thousands of women due to a lack of knowledge about how to treat this disease. Cervical cancer, unlike other cancers, is entirely preventable. Early detection tests and HPV vaccination are crucial. We can make sure that this illness doesn’t claim any lives.”

“Let’s ensure that every woman is aware of the necessary steps and empower each other with critical awareness. For more information about what can be done, click the link in the bio. “Let’s work together to end the devastating effects of cervical cancer and bring #DeathToCervicalCancer,” she continued.

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Poonam Pandey gained notoriety for participating in Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut’s first season of Lock Upp. The victor was Munawar Faruqui. In addition, the actress has appeared in several Telugu and Bhojpuri films. Her Bollywood debut was in the 2013 film Nasha.

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