PM Modi raises the concept of “One Nation, One Police Uniform” and warns against “borderless” crimes.

PM Modi

The PM said that having uniforms for police officers across. India will not only ensure quality products due to the scale at which they will be produced.  It will also give law enforcement a common identity because citizens will recognise police personnel anywhere in the country. The Prime Minister speaking on the second day of the “Chintan Shivir of home ministers” at Surajkund in Haryana.

“We can consider having ‘one nation, one police uniform’ along the lines of ‘one nation, one ration card’, ‘one nation, one mobility card’, and ‘one nation, one grid. Yes, different numbers and emblems may be used by the states, but can the states and police agencies debate this? Added Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday floated the idea of ‘One Nation’

One Police Uniform’ to states and union territories. Following the Center’s ‘One Nation, One Ration Card’ and ‘One Nation, One Grid’ initiatives. He urged them to give it some thought, not as a “imposition” but rather one wrapped with a good intention to give the force a common identity.

Since the state is responsible for maintaining law and order. Local governments make judgments about uniforms and other policing-related matters. It is unknown if any state has adopted the smart uniform prototypes developed by BPRD for its police force.

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The BPRD discovered throughout its investigation

“There was no standardisation in police uniform in India.” “While the fundamental shape and colour varied from state to state, there were problems like the thick fabric of the trousers. Which made them uncomfortable in warm weather, and the lack of room for carrying personal or official goods. According to the BPRD ‘Smart Uniform’ report seen by HT, police officers’ .Helmets are too heavy when maintaining law and order, their metal belts are too wide and bulky. Also poke them in the stomach when they bend forward, and they have no option to carry cellphones, batons, keys, or other items like these like other police forces around the world.

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