Pinjara Khubsurti Ka : Full Cast, Storyline, Season 1 And Season 2 Cast

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta
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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka is an Indian television romantic drama series. It aired from 24 August 2020 to 6 August 2021 on channel Colors TV.  It has completed two seasons. The show has a beautiful storyline. It showcases the life of Mayura Dubey who is a beautiful girl. However, she hates how people only like her beauty and not her accomplishments. It is the only show that has talked about the hardships faced by beautiful women.

Her sole wish in life is to get out of the cage of her beauty and be liked for who she is as a person. Omkar Shukla is the king of the marble business in the show. He wants a beautiful wife. He comes across Mayura and wishes her as his bride. Omkar behaves like an obsessive lover. His madness in the form of love is dangerous and suffocating. But, Mayura only wants a guy who will accept her for her inner beauty. In Season 1, Riya Sharma starred as Mayura Dubey and Sahil Uppal as Omkar Shukla. Meanwhile in season 2, they featured Mayura Goswami and Omkar Vashisht.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Cast: Season 1

Credit – Colors Tv

Here is the list of actors casted in Season 1 along with their characters:

Riya Sharma  Dr. Mayura Dubey Shukla
Sahil Uppal  Omkar “Omi” Shukla
Jaya Bhattacharya   Manjari Shukla ( Omkar’s mother)
Gautam Vig Piyush Shukla (Omkar’s brother)
Saee Rewadikar/Druhi Pote Tara Shukla (Mayura and Omkar’s daughter)
Karan Vohra   ACP Raghav Shastri

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(Mayura’s obsessed lover)

Nidhi Bhavsar  Aishwarya Bhardwaj ( Omkar’s fake wife)
Anindita Chatterjee   Surekha Dubey ( Akhilesh’s wife)
Uma Basu  Trivani Dubey (Akhilesh’s mother)
Akanksha Pal  Megha Dubey Mishra ( Mayura’s sister)

Season 2 Cast

Here’s the list of cast of Season 2 long with their characters:

Riya Sharma   Mayura Goswami (Mahesh’s daughter)
Sahil Uppal  Omkar Vashisht (Mayura’s husband)
Ankush Bhaskar  Sachin Goswami (Mayura’s brother)
Shruti Ulfat  Vishakha Rajvansh (Ishaan’s mother)
Bhoomika Mirchandani   Bela Goswami (Sachin’s wife)
Sanjay Swaraj   Mahesh Goswami (Mayura and Sachin’s father)
Kajal Kanchandani   Nitanjali Kuryekar/Dai Maa (Mayura’s caretaker)
Madhuri Sanjeev  Madhulika Vashisht (Omkar’s mother)
Komal Kunder  Naina Singhal (Omkar’s childhood friend)
Alan Kapoor   Ishaan Rajvansh (Vishakha’s son)


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