Phugtal Monastery Ladakh Attracting More Tourist Due To Architecture

Navneet S Karnani
Navneet S Karnani
Phugtal Monastery Ladakh

Phugtal Monastery is a Buddhist monastery location which is located on the south-east side of the Himalayan in the Ladakh region. This is the only place where people can reach on foot.  The monastery is supplied by horses, donkeys, etc. and in the winter season, the supply is done via the frozen Zanskar River.  In the year 2016, this place was solar-powered up.

The impressive Buddhist Gompa rock-cut cave can be seen in this spot.  The major attraction point of this village is natural caves. Many scholars and sages visit this place to examine this place and know more about its historical viewpoint. The name Phukthar Monastery states the meaning cave of leisure.

Phugtal Monastery History

Ladakh is the most popular tourist destination in India because of its aesthetic pleasure. According to history Gompa was constructed in the 15th century by the Jangsen Sherap. He was the main Tibetan Buddhism founder.  The actual age of these natural caves is examined 2500 years old.  When the Sherpa came to this spot then he observed the miraculous signs. He found that it is a place where tresses are growing on top of the cave and the size of the cavern is growing speedy.  One stone tablet also exists in this place that reminds the staying of Alexander Csoma in this place.  In the year 1826, he explored this location. Many festivals are celebrated in this place. Monlam Chenmo, Chudsum Chodpa, Chonga Chodpa, Gyalwe Jabstan are the most popular celebrations in this spot. In the year 2014 between the Shun and Phuktal landslide occurred and after that landslide dam on this river was formed.

Phugtal Monastery Architecture

The actual architecture of this place is done in the Tibetan style.  There is the main temple of Monastery and one prayer room, library and many other things are available in this place. The main highlights of this place are its natural caves, temples, festivals, trekking to Gompa, etc. the frescoed walls and its architecture splendid attract huge visitors to this location.

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Best Time To Visit This Place

The most effective time to visit this place is the festival time when people celebrate their rituals in this location. Also, June and September are the most popular season in which visitors can come to enjoy the beauty of this place.

How To Reach Phugtal Monastery

This place can be accessed on foot only. From the Cha and Khangsar village, people can reach this location as the trek is available there. Ahuj Railway station is the nearest railway station to Phugtal Monastery. If you are planning by air then Leh Airport is the nearest airport. From Leh though, it will take 12 hours by car or by train.

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