‘Pay Rs 200 crore or’: Mukesh Ambani received two death threats

Seema Rai
Seema Rai

Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries, received two death threats in the form of emails. The email contained demands of enormous quantities of money. 

On Friday, he received an email that said, “If you do not give us Rs 20 crore, we will kill you.” We have India’s best shooters.” On Saturday, Ambani received another death threat from the same user. The sender sought Rs 200 crore this time, claiming that the payment had been increased due to “non-response to the previous email.”

Police in Belgium used a VPN to catch the threat: Mukesh Ambani Death Threat

According to a suit filed by Ambani’s security chief, Devendra Munsiram. Gamdevi police registered a FIR of extortion and criminal intimidation against the owner of the email address [email protected]. After receiving a complaint from Ambani’s security in-charge, Devendra Munsiram.

Munsiram went to the police again on Saturday, saying they had received another email from the same sender saying, “You haven’t answered to us yet… So now Rs 200 crore is required… else your death warrant will be signed.” Munsiram’s further statement was recorded, and the inquiry into the case was expanded.

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According to investigators, the email address appears to have been created recently. Just for the purpose of sending the threat emails. Police assume that the unidentified accused is deceiving them by using Belgium’s virtual private network.

While authorities believe the emails are a hoax, they have not ruled out alternative possibilities, including a terror connection. Last year, Mumbai Police arrested a man from Bihar on suspicion of making anonymous phone calls threatening Ambani and his family.

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