Parmila Bagdash explains the relevance of Digital Marketing in Businesses

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Interviewer PR
Parmila Bagdash

Digital Marketing has made a mark in the way businesses conduct themselves. Since globalization, almost the entire world is always present on the internet, and businesses have certainly taken advantage of this factor. Conventional marketing has taken a step back and digital marketing has climbed up the ladder. However, it does not mean that the traditional marketing methods are all gone rather they have just taken a back seat. Considering today’s scenario, digital marketing seems a far more feasible method to stay in contact with the customers and to build a powerful empire. 

Parmila Bagdash is a digital marketing expert who has established herself in this field all by herself. Parmila bagdash hails from Uttarakhand and working as a digital marketers.Her fascination with the businesses and her interest to help them to survive the online global competition to stay relevant has encouraged her to establish a marketing agency of her own. She has helped numerous clients to establish a strong connection with their audience. After studying biotechnology, Parmila tried many things before eventually becoming a digital marketer. She says that helping out other businesses has given her immense satisfaction and happiness. 

What is Digital Marketing?

According to Parmila, to understand the importance and relevance of digital marketing in businesses, one must know what digital marketing is. She says that Digital marketing is promoting a company or a business to help it establish a strong online presence and connect potential customers with the business using the Internet or any digital medium. In addition, it also helps the business have a firm relationship with its client base. Parmila Bagdash Is manage digital marketing client at Teamology Softech And Media Services Private Limited. 

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How and Why is Digital Marking Important and Relevant for Businesses?

Digital Marketing is a wise decision as the market is relatively big online as compared to offline. It is easier to get exposure in the digital arena because of how vast it is, so the chances of your business being found by your potential customer is bigger as compared to the real world where t does not reach everyone.

Despite being cheaper, digital marketing reaches more people and that too at a faster rate.  It gives you the power to track the business reach to a certain extent which is not much possible in conventional marketing where you don’t know if people are reading your flyer or throwing them. Also, running an ad online has a faster conversion rate. Digital marketing builds relationships with your customers as you are constantly in contact with them and it is easier for them to contact you for their queries about your products or services. It helps you to build a positive brand reputation which in turn leads to higher revenues.

To put it in a nutshell, based on Parmila Bagdash’s point of view, Digital Marketing has become one of the main pillars for any business to withstand the changing times and to establish it as a brand that has an unbreakable relationship with its target audience. Without digital marketing, you are lagging in the race of poaching customers and building a business empire. 

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