Parmila Bagdash and Sudha Yadav – The Passionate Entrepreneurs you must follow in 2021

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Parmila Bagdash And Sudha Yadav
Entrepreneurs are always busy finding their way to increase their brand value in the market. There are two young women entrepreneurs named Parmila Bagdash and Sudha Yadav who are working for top brands and individuals to expand their reach in digital media.
Pamila is a 23-year-old affiliate marketer from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, and Sudha Yadav is a 20-year-old women entrepreneur, founder of Digital Guruji from Haldwani, Uttarakhand.
The main aim of Parmila and Sudha is to empower the youth generation to become Entrepreneurs and make India proud with their work. Both are known for their business skills in the digital marketing industry.
Sudha says, “Now I feel that it is the right time to promote Made in India campaign and create an Indian platform for young ones so that super minds can execute things under their umbrella with ease.
Sudha Yadav aka Digital Guruji and Parmila Bagdash wish to create a special growing platform from where many young entrepreneurs can come out of India in various fields. To achieve their dreams, both girls are working day and night and planning for a training system to learn new things and gain new effective skills which one uses to earn some passive income in life.
They have a positive mindset and are experts in digital marketing, so they understand the needs of clients automatically and act accordingly. Sudha  and Parmila are truly a source of inspiration for many young girls, as they have helped the business grow faster and expand its reach all over the World

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