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Pandya Store Cast, Plot,And Many More

Pandya Store is an Indian television serial. Starring Kinshuk Mahajan and Shiny Doshi, the show is produced by Sunjoy Waddhwa’s production house Sphere Origins. It is a remake of Star Tamil’s most popular television show Pandian Stores. The story revolves around a middle-class married couple Gautam and Dhara, who runs a grocery store.


  • Dhillon
  • Alice Kaushik
  • Shiny Doshi
  • Kinshuk Mahajan
  • Akshay Kharodia
  • Simran Budharup
  • Mohit Parmar


The plot revolves around a grocery store named Pandya store. The store was owned by the late Darshan Pandya, and now the responsibilities of running the store and taking care of the family rest with Gautam. Gautam is the eldest of Pandya siblings. His marriage is fixed with Anita, Gautam’s maternal aunt’s (Prafulla) niece. Anita and Prafulla have no sympathies for the Pandya family and their sole aim is to own the Pandya store.


Not knowing that the Pandya Store is under the mortgage, Anita goes ahead with the marriage. On the wedding day, when Anita finds out, she breaks the marriage and Gautam decides to marry Dhara. Dhara is Gautam’s friend’s sister and is a kind-hearted girl. Gautam’s younger brothers, Dev, Krish, and Shiva welcome Dhara to the Pandya House while Suman objects. Although unwillingly, she later accepts Dhara as her daughter-in-law. Suman, who was paralyzed started recuperating, while Dhara and Gautam together reclaim the Pandya Store. Dhara comes up with novel ideas to bring Pandya Store out of the financial crisis. Slowly, Dhara and Gautam fall in love. Dhara decides not to start her own family until she completely settles her brothers-in-law.

Ten years later

Dev, Krish and Shiva have grown up to be mature adults. Dhara and Gautam reopen the Pandya Store after ten years, and hence, a huge function is hosted. Raavi, Prafulla’s niece, confesses that she loves Dev. While Raavi gets along with everyone in the Pandya house, she and Shiva remain at loggerheads. Jagat pleads with Suman for the alliance, and then the marriage is fixed between them. But Dev is already in a relationship with Rishita, a rich man Janardhan Seth’s daughter.

Rishita’s parents do not accept her love; instead, they force her to accept another alliance. Dev tries to make his family realise that he loves Rishita. Dev reveals to Dhara that he can’t betray Rishita by marrying Raavi or Raavi by marrying her without love, as this is not what Dhara has taught him. Dhara agrees to go and talk to Rishita’s family about the alliance but is slapped and humiliated by Rishita’s family. Dev and Shiva reach Janardhan’s house and have a physical altercation with the family for insulting Dhara. He breaks all ties with Rishita and agrees to continue his marriage with Raavi. Dev realises that he cannot forget Rishita but stays quiet.

On the wedding day Rishita runs from her house and comes to the wedding and reveals her relationship with Dev and he supports her, leaving Raavi heartbroken. Raavi attempts suicide by hanging on a fan but Shiva saves her. Raavi blames Dhara as she has always loved and admired Dhara like her superhero. Suman’s condition worsens and they all rush to her, she too blames Dhara. Dhara asks Shiva to marry her.

Shiva agrees for Dhara’s sake. Dev and Rishita and Shiva and Raavi get married. Rishita repeatedly insults Raavi during their after wedding rituals. Later, when Rishita stops Dhara from doing the welcome pooja and asks her to let Suman do it, Suman defends Dhara. Shiva too warns Rishita against disrespecting Dhara, and even puts her down when she tries to scorn Raavi. Rishita later creates a scene when Raavi is given Dhara’s room, which is bigger than the one given to her. Raavi gives her the room and asks her to stop insulting her, she tells her she doesn’t want Dev or the room. Shiva and Raavi remain at loggerheads, while Rishita continues to create conflict at the Pandya house.

The next day the three couples go for a pooja, but on the way Shiva and Raavi are kidnapped by the goons sent by Rishita’s father. Krish learns of their kidnapping and informs everyone. Dev and Gautam suspect Janardhan (Rishita’s father) for this misdeed and go to his house to blackmail him. Shiva and Raavi also accidentally learn about Janardhan. Meanwhile, Dhara, Rishita and Krish return to their house and are taunted by Maami who went to the Pandaya house to see Raavi. Things seem complicated with Shiva and Raavi, but, because of the timely arrival of the Pandya brothers, Shiva and Raavi are saved.
Suman sends the four brothers and their wives for kuldevi puja which is near their family friend’s haveli. During the journey Dev and Shiva have a heated spat only to be resolved by Gautam and Dhara. Shiva and Raavi continue with their usual banter.

Where To Watch

You can watch Pandya Store on Starplus From Monday to Friday at 7:30pm.

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