Palak Purswani made a new disclosure about Avinash Sachdev, said- Father had heart attack due to his deception

Palak Purswani talks about her relationship with Avinash Sachdev, who is seen in Bigg Boss OTT Season 2


Palak Purswani On Avinash Sachdeva: Palak Purswani was seen in Bigg Boss season 2. Recently, she has been rendered homeless by it. The special thing is that apart from her, her ex-boyfriend Avinash Sachdev is also seen in the show. She revealed in an interview that she broke up with Avinash Sachdev because of his cheating. Due to this shock, his father had a minor heart attack

Talking about the professional life of the actress

She has been evicted from Bigg Boss in the first week itself. Whereas, Avinash Sachdev is still in the show. The actress has given an interview with RJ Siddharth Kannan. In this, he talked about his relationship. He revealed that Avinash Sachdev had affairs with many women and was cheating on them as both their parents were involved in the relationship.

Explaining this, Palak Purswani said, “I had told his parents. I said- Look uncle-aunty this has happened. You ask your son. What has he done? Life has given him a second chance after his first marriage. He respects that thing. Should have done it.” Significantly, Avinash Sachdev was earlier married to Shalmali Desai. However, both of them got divorced later. Palak Purswani adds, “It affected my family a lot. My father was very fond of Avinash. He had a heart attack. He had to be hospitalized.”

She also added that still, not everyone knows everything about what happened between the two of them. She further says that she had made up her mind to break up with Avinash but after continuously chasing Avinash, she gave the relationship another chance but Avinash’s actions did not change.

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What allegations has Palak Purswani made about Avinash Sachdev?

In many parties, he was seen exchanging numbers with many women. Not only this, he was once seen flirting with two sisters at the same time. After this, Palak started crying on camera.

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