Overcoming Obstacles All His Life, Narendra Dagar Has Redefined The Word ‘Success’

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Narendra Dagar

Narendra Dagar is one of the youngest and most influential marketers and entrepreneurs out there. Narendra has become a success story now and he has gathered 30 million-plus followers on his social media. There are many businesses under his ownership and now, he has become quite the person that he once used to dream of. The thing is that with the increase in his influence, he also made his investment and co-founded his new brand, ‘FirstBox’. But, FirstBox is the combined efforts of Narendra Dagar and Aayush Rana, both gifted with a brilliant set of minds.


If we look back at the eventful life of Narendra Dagar, he has faced many challenges in his entire life so as to gain what he has gained today. His childhood was not full of toys and friends and of course, he wasn’t wasting time in clubs, etc. By the time he was 15, he was hustling hard and had to work online due to family needs. He needed to find ways to earn money online and it is quite imaginable how the online world seems to a 15-year old child, who has yet to even learn the basics of programming. But, nevertheless, Narendra Dagar made the most of what he got.

Narendra Dagar Never Gave Up And Hence, Co-Founded FirstBox :

Narendra Dagar passed 12th standard and by the time he was 18 years old, he already started earning more than 10 lakh per month. This amount is not easy to earn even from the standards of a 25-plus-year-old person. The will to never give up polished Narendra Dagar’s brain and this led to his earning about 10 lakh per month. But, he wasn’t satisfied with this. He wanted to expand his approach and thereafter, he broadened his influence over the entire social media, where he quite a humongous influence.

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But, after this, Narendra Dagar focused on investing and co-founding FirstBox. FirstBox is an e-commerce online store for the sale of any kind of item that any small scale buyer seeks. FirstBox has the capability to transform the entire B2B space of the nation. At the most minimal rates, Narendra Dagar and Aayush Rana are providing their users with almost all the services that a vendor could ever need.

Narendra Dagar’s success has provided many people with the motivation to keep on working and not to submit. Narendra Dagar has a firm belief that pure efforts are always followed by success.

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