‘Outlander Season 6’: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Explain Why Claire Traveled To 1743

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

In 2014 we discovered Claire, a nurse from the Second World War that ends in 1743 after touching some stones. There he meets the love of his life, Jamie Fraser, and ends up staying with him. This is the premise of Outlander that we have all accepted, but, of all the places that the protagonist could have fallen, why does it fall in 1743?

We know that Geillis Duncan ( Lotte Verbeek ) ended up around that time after having investigated where she could go, but Claire ends up in the 18th century by chance, what got her there? How could it be otherwise, several theories circulating on the internet about the character of Caitriona Balfe?

One of the most popular beliefs among fans is that it is already established. Claire mentioned that old fairy legends hold that time travel usually takes about 200 years. At least that’s what one Reddit user posted: ” Claire refers to fairy tales when she says that everyone talks about 200 years consistently. Throughout the series, the Fraser family uses that season to travel. to her advantage. Claire can more easily find Jamie on her second trip after doing some research on his whereabouts. ” She travels exactly 202 years, so she might fit in with the old legends.

Other users notice an important detail that could also influence these trips: Black Jack Randall ( Tobias Menzies ). The first time Claire travels through the stones is when Frank Randall is investigating her ancestors. It’s a task that he performs just a few days before Claire makes this trip, so many believe he’s connected.

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Seeing the universe so well intertwined that Diana Gabaldon has created, we refuse to believe that the explanation of Claire’s journey is something related to the old legends. She came there for some reason that she herself did not know, so we are looking forward to knowing more about it. In season 5 of Outlander, Roger ( Richard Rankin ), Brianna ( Sophie Skelton ) and little Jemmy try to return to their present, but something stops them. Will the two events have something to do with it?

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