‘Outlander’: This is how the sex scenes are being shot in season 6

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

It has been a week since the filming of the sixth season of Outlander in operation and the first details about this new phase of the successful Starz series starring Jamie ( Sam Heughan ) and Claire ( Caitriona Balfe ) begin to come to light. Despite the long wait, it is good news that production is already underway, although, like the rest of the titles that have returned to the set since the Covid-19 pandemic began, the team will have to adapt to the restrictions and security measures required to stay safe, of course, and also to avoid unforeseen events along the way that could further delay the return of fiction. In this sense, and being Outlander Known for its many intimate and steamy scenes, many followers have wondered if the series will be able to maintain what is undoubtedly one of its hallmarks now that social distance has entered our lives to stay for a while.

About this has spoken the ‘showrunner’ and executive producer Matthew B. Roberts in statements to Elle, after his partner in the production functions Maril Davis assured last October that Outlander was “the least ‘COVID-friendly’ series that exists”. Now, with filming underway, the scriptwriter can speak in an informed way about how the filming of sex scenes has been affected in today’s pandemic setting.

“I didn’t want me or another member of the team to have to change the story for COVID,” Roberts explains to Elle. “We have a lot of intimate scenes, it’s what we live and breathe. The answer is to test, test, test and test.”

Although the rest of the productions currently underway also test their actors and equipment, the truth is that Outlander has a clear disadvantage when it comes to trying to maintain social distance as much as possible. Why? Because his followers want to continue seeing Claire and Jaime as close as ever. It is a key element of the series.

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Thus, as Roberts explains, they always make sure that each of the interpreters has a negative test before they have to get too close due to the demands of the script. The work, he says, has been very hard to make the sixth season of Outlander no different from previous installments for this reason. “I don’t know how to write ‘COVID-friendly’ scenes. Not with an Outlander scene. Because we’re going to have people close to each other, getting emotional, because you talk to them closely … And that’s how it spreads.”

Thus, it seems that we can be calm. Outlander will continue to be that series that raises so many passions around the world also in its season 6. With or if COVID. With the now old acquaintance, ‘Outlander’ – as the dry period in which fiction is not on air is known among fans – closer to reaching its end, we are all dying to know how the story will continue after the traumatic outcome of the fifth installment, although the new episodes do not have a scheduled release date on Starz.

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