Outer Banks Season 2: Expect That Will Be Released In Mid-2021

Enola Garcia
Enola Garcia

Outer Banks is an American action-adventure mystery web TV series created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke.

The first season premiered on April 15, 2020, on Netflix. Outer Banks follows a group of teenagers from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, who are called “Pogues”, and their journey to learn what happened to the lost daddy of their group’s ringleader, John B. Along the way, they discover a mythical treasure that’s tied to John B’s father. In July 2020, the series was revived for a second season. The fans have been eagerly awaiting updates. So, with no additional day let us dig deeper into additional information about Outer Banks season 2.

Outer Banks Season 2 Release Date:

As the previous season got a lot of love from the audience, and it was a major hit for the platform like Netflix. Consequently, they will try to publish the season when possible. We do not know the specific date, but we expect that outer Banks Season 2‘ will be released in mid-2021.

We can not say that season 3 will happen because the prospect of season 3 is only or fully dependent on the story of season 2. In case it occurs, it might go around five or four seasons.

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many movies and shows are postponed on the platform like Netflix. So, season 2 might have a very long time to release. We’ll update this article when we get more updates.

Outer Banks Season 2

What To Expect From Season 2 Of Outer Banks

Before we enter what we can expect from season 2, let’s quickly recap the events of season one.

Throughout the series, we follow a group of teenagers who are utilizing a treasure map that seemingly unveils at which $400 million of gold is hidden that sunk with a merchant boat. Jump ahead, the connections are all strained, and finally, Ward ends up stealing the treasure.

The end of the season sees John B styled for the murder of Ward’s daddy.

Josh Pates has teased that we will be heading (since the ending indicated) that we are heading to the Bahamas for the first few episodes of season 2 saying:

Additionally, Josh has teased a new villain for season two, that Ward may not necessarily get justice early on in season 2 and also, above all, new mysteries awaiting.

If you want to see more theories about the end of Outer Banks season one, has a great roundup and there is a stickied thread on Reddit too.

A number of the best theories we’ve seen in that subreddit include Sarah contacting Wheezie and will remain in the Bahamas for a while (first half of this season). Some have suggested the plane will not even make it to the Bahamas.

Other great predictions include:

  • John B finding his mother
  • They finally learn where the gold is
  • J.J. will end up living with Kiera

Perhaps among the most intriguing concepts is that the narrator will change going into season two.

Among the biggest concerns of lovers is the show keeps up the superb writing and many mentions Riverdale as a show to never follow in the same footsteps as.

As for new cast members, just a few have been recorded on IMDb up to now.

Elizabeth Mitchell is now recorded as having a part in season 2 who’s known for The Santa Clause 2, Lost and Frequency.

While we are all waiting for the next season to come, Netflix has uploaded a bunch of bloopers that are worth watching.

Ultimately, we just want to touch base on the information that in late December 2020, a North Carolina teacher and writer filed a lawsuit against Netflix for the series for copyright infringement. No updates have been printed since.

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