Operation Dost: India emerges as a savior for Quake-survivors in Turkey

Indian Army launched "Operation Dost". A mission to provide aid and support to those affected by the disaster. The Indian Army has deployed its field hospital to provide critical medical assistance to those in need.

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According to the health ministry, as part of Operation Dost, India has sent earthquake-stricken Syria and Turkey critical care medical equipment and life-saving pharmaceuticals worth $7 crore.

As the world continues to grapple with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, another natural disaster has struck the planet. Leaving thousands of people displaced and in need of urgent assistance. On October 30, 2021, a powerful earthquake measured 7.0 on the Richter scale. Hitting the Aegean Sea, causing extensive damage to the surrounding areas of Turkey and Greece.

Turkey earthquake
FILE – Aerial photo showing the destruction in Kahramanmaras, southern Turkey, Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2023. For Syrians and Ukrainians fleeing the violence back home, the earthquake that struck in Turkey and Syria is but the latest tragedy. The U.N. says Turkey hosts about 3.6 million Syrians who fled their country’s 12-year civil war, along with close to 320,000 people escaping hardships from other countries.

In the aftermath of the earthquake, the Indian Army launched “Operation Dost”. A mission to provide aid and support to those affected by the disaster. The Indian Army has deployed its field hospital, along with a team of medical professionals and support staff, to provide critical medical assistance to those in need.

Turkish envoy thanks India again and again

As the death toll from the horrific earthquake topped 33,000 on Monday, Firat Sunel, the ambassador of Turkey to India, thanked India. After turning to social media, Mr. Sunel tweeted, “Another shipment of emergency in-kind presents from the people of India is on its way to Turkiye.”

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India has already sent 7 planes to Turkey with relief supplies and specialized rescue personnel

External fixators created in India have reached Turkey and Syria as they struggle to recover from a terrible succession of devastating earthquakes. Fixators, developed by Indian Army Colonel Vijay Pandey, are crucial for aiding earthquake victims in other countries. For patients with hand fractures, the fixator’s purpose is to speed up the healing process.

Numerous earthquakes struck Turkey and Syria on February 6 and 7. Reuters reports that the death counts in both countries had topped 33,000. As part of “Operation Dost,” India has already sent 7 planes to Turkey with relief supplies and specialized rescue personnel.


7 crores of pharmaceuticals as aid from India to Turkey

They also include various pharmaceuticals and equipment, such as paracetamol, dexamethasone, 10 ventilators, 100 glucometers, thermometers, nebulizers, patient monitors, cardio machines, 10,000 plastic syringes with needles, 288 plaster of paris bandages.

India is assisting the two countries in line with its long-standing Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam tradition, said Mansukh Mandaviya. Critical care pharmaceuticals, protective clothing, medical supplies, and life-saving emergency medications have all been distributed by the union health ministry.

The Indian Army’s field hospital has been set up in the city of Izmir, one of the worst-hit areas of the earthquake. The hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and has a team of highly skilled doctors and medical personnel. The hospital is capable of treating a wide range of medical conditions, from minor injuries to more complex surgical procedures.


The Indian Army has also deployed a team of engineers and logistics experts to help with the relief efforts. The team is working to clear debris and restore basic infrastructure, such as water and electricity, to the affected areas.

In addition to medical and logistical support, the Indian Army has also provided much-needed relief materials, such as blankets, food, and water, to the survivors of the earthquake. The Indian Army has been working closely with local authorities and other relief agencies to ensure that aid reaches those who need it the most.

Indian Air Force in Action

The National Disaster Response Force teams, Iskenderun, and the Army field hospital that has been set up in Turkey also received supplies from the Indian Air Force C-17 aircraft. The 96-member 60 Para Field hospital is located in the Hatay region and is situated in a school.

In order to handle the multi-trauma patients that are anticipated in such a calamity, the squad comprises orthopedic experts, surgeons, and maxillofacial surgeons, according to Lieutenant Colonel Adarsh. He said that they had carried out ten operations, one of which involved amputating the leg of a patient who had emerged from the wreckage.


Every day, the field hospital treats hundreds of patients. While the locals, according to Lieutenant Colonel Adarsh, are appreciative of the Indian physicians’ assistance. “I can tell that they are appreciative of the services we are giving them. Even if they do not express it in words that we can comprehend.

Indian Army is the first group to arrive in Iskendrun

When I look into their eyes, it is extremely clear,” Lieutenant Colonel Adarsh told ANI. Turkish citizen Furkaan thanked the Indian Army for being the first group to arrive in Iskendrun. He said that the field hospital provided care for patients with all types of medical conditions. I’m really appreciative of them because they were the first group to reach Iskenderun. I call them dost. Dost is actually only a buddy, but I see them as siblings. According to Turkish diplomat Firat Sunel, India was one of the first nations to assist earthquake-stricken Turkey.

With 47 members of the NDRF, three senior commanders, and a specially trained dog team. The Indian Air Force rushed a C-17 aircraft to Adana within hours of the catastrophe. The Indian Army’s efforts have been met with a positive response from the local community and other relief agencies. The field hospital has been inundated with survivors seeking medical assistance. The Indian Army’s relief materials have provided much-needed relief to those in the affected areas.


The Indian Army’s timely and effective response to the earthquake has earned it praise from around the world. The efforts of Operation Dost have highlighted the importance of international cooperation and solidarity in times of crisis. Operation Dost is a shining example of the Indian Army’s commitment to humanitarian relief efforts. The mission has showcased the Indian Army’s capabilities in providing critical medical assistance. Logistical support to those affected by natural disasters.

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