OpenAI’s SORA Ushers in Era of Text-to-Video, but With Risks



OpenAI launches SORA, a cutting-edge AI tool for text-to-video generation, that can create unbelievably realistic videos showcasing the power of this new AI model. With the introduction of SORA on thursday, a new era in AI-powered video generation has begun. 

However, tensions are rising because of its negative effects on the film industry and the growing deepfake content. 

According to the OpenAI blog, SORA is capable of creating complex scenes with multiple characters, nuanced motion dynamics, and real-life details of both subjects and backgrounds. 

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Open AI has not yet made this new AI tool accessible to all. This is now available to only limited groups like researchers and creatives. It is basically in the testing phase. However, apprehensions are growing among the masses regarding the misuse of this advanced technology. 

Notably, NVdia’s senior researcher Dr. Jim Fan calls SORA a data-driven physics engine. It is more powerful than any normal creative tool. The reason behind its transcending traditional image generation tool is its capacity to add physics-based calculations in the video rendering. 


SORA has become a matter of concern due to its possible misuse to create harmful and deceptive content. Considering the wide prevalence of deepfake technology, OpenAI is assuring a safeguarding policy that will protect SORA from creating such harmful and misguiding content.

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