ChatGPT’s Latest Update: Introducing Web Browsing!

ezra Dural
ezra Dural

OpenAI, has recently announced an exciting update to its popular chatbot ‘ChatGPT’. Previously, ChatGPT could only access information up to September 2021 but now with this update the users can look through the internet for the latest information. The company states that this browsing feature will soon be expanded to all users but is currently only available for Plus and Enterprise users.  To use this feature the user simply has to select “Browse with Bing” under GPT-4.

ChatGPT of Open AI get new Updates


Expanding Capabilities: Latest Upgrades OpenAI

OpenAI also says that it wants to assure its creators have control over their inputs and has made many other significant upgrades to ChatGPT. As it can now even interact with them through images and have voiced conversations with users. These significant upgrades place it on level with well-known AI assistants like Apple’s Siri. In the past years, OpenAI experimented with allowing users to search using Bing within the premium ChatGPT Plus service. However, they had to disable this feature due to concerns about bypassing paywalls.

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ChatGPT’s success has attracted significant investors’ interest in the company OpenAI. As it has become the fastest-growing consumer application ever. In January 2023, it reached a milestone of 100 million monthly active users. However, it was later surpassed by Meta’s Threads app.

In addition to the enhanced upgrades. OpenAI also revealed the Dall-E 3, a more developed version of OpenAI’s text-to-image tool. This tool uses chatbot to generate images based on its user’s conversations with the chatbot. The company also promises that ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users will be able to have access to Dall-E 3, starting in October 2023.

In summary, The latest upgrades made to ChatGPT opens up a world full of possibilities for its users. Meanwhile, with web browsing capabilities and enhanced features, ChatGPT is evolving to offer even more value and convenience to its users.

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