One Theory Suggests That Honeymaren Is Elsa’s Love Interest In The Unconfirmed Sequel Frozen 3.

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

While Elsa’s (Idina Menzel) sexuality hasn’t been decided yet inside the Frozen franchise, 1 theory suggests that Elsa’s love interest might have already been introduced in Frozen 2. Honeyman (Rachel Matthews), a member of this Northuldra tribe who had been trapped at the Enchanted Forest by the curse, may return within the unconfirmed sequel Frozen 3 as Elsa’s girlfriend depending on the simple fact that the two characters share a brief moment of chemistry in Frozen 2.

Since Frozen debuted in 2013, the LGBTQ+ community has identified Elsa’s story arc, since her character has personal aims as a Disney princess who extend past finding a prince, doesn’t conform to societal standards and goes on a journey of self-acceptance. While fans were advocating for Disney to disclose Elsa’s sexuality since 2016, when the hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend started trending, the studio has not yet confirmed or denied that Elsa is gay.

At the end of Frozen 2, Elsa learns that she is the reincarnation of the fifth spirit, the mediator between the world and civilization, and makes the decision to pass her position as Queen of Arendelle around to her sister Anna (Kristen Bell). If Frozen 3 were to explore her new role as the fifth spirit, the sequel would then naturally present Honeymaren because of Elsa’s love interest, because the two characters have a similar connection to nature.

Unlike any other minor character previously introduced in the Frozen franchise, Honeymaren is your very first one who seems to possess a quick and natural connection with Elsa. Following Elsa tames the fire soul Bruni inside the Enchanted Forest, Elsa and Honeymaren sit with a campfire and discuss the significance behind the embroidery on Iduna’s (Evan Rachel Wood) scarf. Pointing out that the four separate crystal branches on the snowflake signify the four elements of Air, Water, Earth, and Fire, Honeymaren informs Elsa of the legends of a fifth elemental soul, which is represented by the crystal at the center of the snowflake.

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Considering that Honeymaren references Ahtohallan and sings Iduna’s lullaby”All Is Found,” it is clear during the brief encounter that the two characters bond over their shared Northuldra heritage and love of nature. Since Elsa has always had difficulty letting others into her life as a result of her fear of hurting somebody with her magic, her instant connection with Honeymaren could the beginning of a future romantic relationship.

Frozen 3 could also naturally bring Elsa and Honeymaren together as a couple since they both reside in exactly the exact same place at the end of Frozen 2: the Enchanted Forest. After Elsa finds she’s the fifth spirit, she finds her calling as the mediator between the normal world and culture. Knowing that her place is with character, Elsa abdicates from the throne of Arendelle so as to live in the Enchanted Forest, a place where natural magic along with the elemental spirits flourishes. Since Honeymaren is a part of the Northuldra individuals, it is safe to assume she’ll probably stay with her people from the Enchanted Forest even following the curse is lifted at the end of Frozen 2 since the Northuldra nation values character and the spirits’ teachings.

Further evidence that Elsa and Honeymaren could become a couple in Frozen 3 comes from their first encounter since it mirrors Anna and Kristoff’s (Jonathan Groff) early connection. When Anna and Kristoff first fulfilled in Frozen, Kristoff became Anna’s guide up to the North Mountain where she planned to convince Elsa to return to Arendelle. Like the starts of Anna and Kristoff’s relationship, Honeymaren acts as Elsa’s manual in Frozen 2, albeit unknowingly, when she tells her the legends about the fifth spirit.

In both circumstances, Anna and Elsa’s potential love interests provided them with invaluable guidance which helped them achieve their larger goals. If Honeymaren had been to eventually become Elsa’s love interest within Frozen 3, her vast knowledge of character, the elemental spirits, and Northuldra folklore will continue to help Elsa handle her new job as the fifth spirit.

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