Once Upon a Time …’, with Angelina Jolie, includes a reference to Tinker Bell from ‘Peter Pan’

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

This November 27 has been released in the cinemas Spaniard’s fantastic drama directed by Brenda Chapman ( Brave, Prince of Egypt ) Once upon a time …, starring Angelina Jolie ( Maleficent: Master of evil ) and also by David Oyelowo ( Midnight sky ). The film introduces us to brothers Alice and Peter Littleton before becoming Alice from Wonderland and Peter Pan from Never Land. And, unsurprisingly, there are multiple references to both Lewis Carroll’s and JM Barrie’s work. At one point, there is even talk of the Tinkerbell fairy.

With a script by Marissa Kate Goodhill, and with Angelina Jolie as the Queen of Hearts herself, the feature recounts the life of the Littleton family, made up of mother Rose (Jolie), father Jack (David Oyelowo) and their children David (Reece Yates), Alice (Keira Chansa) and Peter (Jordan A. Nash). Adults sink into melancholy and depression when the first one dies and it’s up to Alice and Peter to help them. Although they will soon have to decide between their home and imaginary worlds full of adventures.


Peter calls himself “Peter Pan” and, according to USA Today, there are as many nods to the boy who did not want to grow up. In one of them, Rose, the mother, gives her daughter a tin bell, made with the copper leftover by the tinsmith from fixing the pans. Rose tells her little girl that this Tinkerbell actually represents a fairy. And Alice whispers, “Tinkerbell, it’s great to meet you. ” Tinker Bell, as you surely know, is the fairy that always accompanies Peter Pan. In the cast, also, David Gyasi plays Captain James (Hook), Ned Dennehy from Smee, and Ava Fillery from Wendy.

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Gugu Mbatha-Raw ( Belle ) plays Alice as an adult and Once Upon a Time … also incorporates situations about Alice in Wonderland. As a child, Rose and Jack’s daughter organize tea parties with her stuffed animals -among which there is a white rabbit-, drinks a ‘potion’ that makes her feel that she is smaller than everything around her and even sees the Queen of Hearts. Anna Chancellor gives life to Eleanor Morrow / The Red Queen from Alice Through the Looking Glass -not to be confused with the previous one- and Clarke Peters and Yates do the same as the mad Hatter and as the White Rabbit, respectively.

Do you want to know more about Once Upon a Time … ? Above you can see its official trailer in Spanish and below an album that reviews Angelina Jolie’s fantasy and science fiction films, such as Lara Croft Tomb Raider:

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