Nora Fatehi Injured Herself Many Times But The She Has Show Must Go On

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung
Nora Fatehi Injured Herself Many Times But The She Has Show Must Go On

Nora Fatehi Bollywood actress and a very popular dancer. She has won the hearts of many because of her beautiful performance. Her popularity became huge after she performed in Dilbar from the movie Satayameva Jayate.

The Dilbar fame is known for her hit songs and sizzling performance. Some of her popular performance are O Saki Saki (Batla House) Kamariya ( Stree), Baby Marvake Manegi by Raftaar, Naah by Hardy Sandu, Garmi (Street Dancer 3D) .

Nora got injured while performing her hit songs. She almost strained her leg.

It’s tough travelling, attending events doing shoots and than dancing on heels . Wearing heels and dancing in front of thousand of people can be nerve cracking . Nora injured herself while performing in a recently concluded awards function in Middle East, which was held in Muscat, Oman.

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But like a true performer she didn’t gave up but kept performing and completed her performance. She rocked the stage with her beautiful looks and dazzling performance.

After the performance was over she was taken care off and after few hours of rest and care. She was fine and didn’t have any pain. Nora is a true performer for whom the show must go on. No matter how injured she was she kept performing.

These dancing diva is known not only for her performance but also injuries. She recently got injured again while shooting for the movie Burj: The Pride of India. Nora injured her forehead while shooting action scene . We were shooting for an action sequence and the director wanted to shoot the scene in a single take with one camera, hence my co-actor and I rehearsed the action choreography wherein he holds a gun to my face and I flick the gun out of his hands to start beating him up,” Nora said. But her injury actually helped the director and VFX artist as they have to edit the picture similar to her injury for the poster

Later that day, we shot for another action scene, it was a chase sequence which demanded running, action and fast-paced movements. During the shoot, I fell injuring my fingers really bad, because of which I had to wear a sling throughout the shoot. In all, it was a physically tough sequence, wherein I got hurt a lot as I executed all my scenes myself without any stunt double, but I wear my scars with pride as it offered me an outstanding learning experience that I’d cherish for a lifetime,” she said.

Beside Burj :The Pride Of India she also has an special appearance in the upcoming sequel of Satayameva Jayate 2

Despite all the injuries whether on stage or in the set of films she kept working hard and moved forward in her performance.

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