Nora Fatehi: If someone is silent, it does not mean that…, Jacqueline Fernandez’s lawyer lashed out at Nora Fatehi


Nora Fatehi is the dancing queen of Bollywood. She continues to make fans insane with her style. Nora Fatehi filed a defamation case against actress Jacqueline Fernandes after getting a clean chit in Sukesh Chandrasekhar money laundering. He has made many revelations in the defamation case. Nora says that she is being ensnared in the Sukesh Chandrasekhar tax evasion case. He has nothing to do with anyone involved in the case. In such a situation, now the lawyer of Jacqueline Fernandes has given a blunt answer to the actress. Also read

Jacqueline’s lawyer scolds Nora Fatehi

Nora says that she has been called a gold digger in this case. His name was clubbed with that of Sukesh Chandrasekhar to divert attention from the main issue. In the Sukesh Chandrasekhar case, the police is also continuously questioning Nora Fatehi and Chahat Khanna. On the other hand, Jacqueline Fernandez is being questioned continuously. Now Jacqueline Fernandez’s lawyer lashed out at Nora Fatehi.

To do so is an insult to the court

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let us tell you that Jacqueline is understanding the seriousness of the matter and that is why she has not given any clarification on this matter till now. Now the lawyer of the actress took Nora and said, ‘If someone is silent, it does not mean that they should be dragged into any kind of legal matter. Any argument is written in front of the judicial forum that it is spoken in public. Jacqueline’s lawyer has called doing so an insult to the court and advised to respect the judicial system.

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