Nobody Plot, Audience Reaction Family Man to Somebody

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta
Nobody Movie

Nobody Movie is an American thriller movie which got released on 4th April 2021 in India. The film was shot in three different locations: Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Canada.  The movie was originally shot in the English language. It was released on 26th March 2020 in the United States. The action-thriller is directed by Illy Naishuller and written by Derek Kolstad. The movie “Nobody” starts with an American actor, comedian producer, and director Bob Ordenkrik as Hutch Mansell, Connie Nielsen as Rebecca Mansell, Rza as Harry Mansell, and Christopher Lloyd as David Mansell.

Unveiling The Plot

Bob Odenkirk plays an undervalued and underrated father and a husband. He accepts every bad situation that comes in the way of life and never tries to escape. Still, he is seen as a nobody by his family. One day, two thieves break into the suburbs and he disagrees to fight the situation so as to prevent unnecessary violence. But after that incident that night, his son is very disgruntled with his way of handling the whole situation. His wife Becca also feels very distant and disconnected from him after that night. The repercussions of the incident trigger Hutchen’s hidden aggression and wild instincts. It leads to his destructing skills and dark secrets. In the situation of gunfire and adversary, Hutchen must defend his family. Because he wants to not be looked upon as “nobody” in the lives of his family.

The movie is 92 mins long but the thriller unfolds in a way that 92 minutes does not seem very long. The tagline of the movie was “Never underestimate a nobody”. The movie also involved black comedy and violence which is very entertaining to watch for the viewers. This movie’s storyline is based on Bob Odernkik’s idea in which he himself faced an incursion in his house and he trapped the two invaders in the basement but was not at all satisfied with the way the authorities dealt with the whole situation.

Audience Reaction to ‘Nobody’

The reviewer Rotten Tomatoes also reported that 84 percent of 250 were in the favor of the plot of the movie. Bob Onderkik’s role as Hutchen was highly appreciated by the audience. Many felt that his character was the heart and soul of the movie. Viewers also felt that the movie had a very simple plot but it managed to entertain in its own way and simplicity.

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Viewers loved all the surprising elements in the movie which make it an amazing action thriller. One of the reasons that viewers had a positive approach towards Nobody is also because of the brilliant direction by Ilya Naishuller. The movie was a rollercoaster of action, violence, and emotions which made it worth watching. In March, Derek Kolstad said that there is a possibility of a crossover between the John Wick franchise.

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