Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai Gets Married in Birmingham: Know Full Details Here

Vrinda Gupta
Vrinda Gupta

Malala’s tied the knot to Asser Malik

On 9th November 2021, Novel Laureate Malala Yousafzai got married to Asser Malik in a  private nikkah ceremony. Both the families were present for the ceremony. While posting her wedding pictures on Twitter, Malala wrote “Today marks a precious day in my life. Asser and I tied the knot to be partner’s for life”.  Further, she added, “We celebrated a small nikkah ceremony at home in Birmingham with our families. Please send us your prayers. We are excited to walk together for the journey ahead.”

The couple got married in Birmingham in central England. Malala was adorned in a beautiful pink dress and Asser was seen wearing a three-piece navy blue suit. You can check out Malala’s posts on Instagram by clicking on this link:

Who is Malala Yousafzai?

Malala Yousafzai is a activist for female education in Pakistan. Also, she is the World’s Youngest Nobel Prize laureate.  Malala was shot by militants of Tehreek-e-Taliban when Malala was 15 years old. When this incident happened, she was on a school bus in her hometown Swat Valley.

The reason why they shot her was because she advocated girl’s education. At that time, the Taliban had banned girls from attending school. However, she was flown to UK in time for treatment. From March 2013 to July 2017, she was a pupil at the all-girls Edgbaston High School in Birmingham. Later, she was accepted in Oxford University to study Economics, Philosophy and Politics.

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Who is Asser Malik?

Asser Malik is a high geared officer in the cricket board. Two years back, he joined High Performance Center in Lahore as a manager. Asser has studied at Pakistan’s Lahore University of Management Sciences.  Later, he joined Aitchison College in Lahore, Pakistan.
He has been into sports management from the year 2018. According to Asser’s LinkedIn profile, has brought the world’s largest amateur cricket league (Last Man Stands – LMS) to Pakistan.
Asser has also designed player development programs for Multan Sultans. It is a 20-20 franchise cricket team in Pakistan Super League.

Bangladeshi Author Tweets ‘Taliban is happy

Taslima Nasreen is a popular Bangladeshi writer. She is quite vocal about her opinions on feminism, equality, religion, and oppressions in communities. Recently, in a tweet,  Taslima Nasreen revealed that she is shocked to learn about activist Malala Yousafzai’s wedding to Asser Malik

In her tweet, she wrote,  “Quite shocked to learn Malala married a Pakistani guy. She is only 24. I thought she went to Oxford University for study, she would fall in love with a handsome progressive English man at Oxford and then think of marrying not before the age of 30. But..” 

You can check Taslima’s Twitter account here:

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