No Game No Life Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And All Detail

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

The show which made its introduction six years ago in 2014, is ready to reunite with the next season. The Western TV series, No game, no life was based on the novel series of the identical title. The release was composed by the thirty-five-year-old novelist Yuu Kamiya.

Release Date

The first run of this show aired in June on the twenty-fifth in 2014. Although there are no official date shown as of yet, we can anticipate that the hit series will return for its sequel at end of this year or by early 2021.

The filming of this season was delayed on account of this pandemic position of coronavirus.


Again unfortunately no fixed cast of characters is shown. But we’re optimistic that all of them will go back to no game no life next season.

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Both sisters Soro and Shiro is going to be seen and their love for videogames will stay the same. The twelve episodes released were rather enjoyable and appreciated by the audience.


In the last installment of the first season, we found that the two ace player siblings are all defeated. This comes as a shock to all the audience. The last episode of the anime aired on twenty-five June 2014, and we saw a lot of twists.

Based on the plot of virtual reality, this fantasy action anime series is an essential watch. It is possible to watch the first season on one of the biggest streaming sites which is Netflix. Izuna gets taken by a character who’s the grand-daughter of a dying king.

Dropping her guard results seriously for Izuna, and the show requires a twist. In the sequel, we may expect to see how Shiro and the intruder have a toll on digital reality.

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