Nitin Negi And Sahil Wadhwa Is Giving Social Media Goals To Millenials Whiling Away Their Time On The Web

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Nitin (Left) And Sahil (Right)

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

The above quote by Winston S Churchill spells out the beans of attaining long term success in life, the same mantra has been put to practical use by the two millenials in frame today, Sahil Wadhwa  and Nitin Negi both aged 21, are the two social media geeks who have imbibed the learning from the words of wisdom by Sir Churchill.

Social media today has become an intrinsic part of our lives, almost inseparable and something that connects us with the outside world and gives us a virtual passage to places we have never been to and to things we have never seen or heard of. More than 80 percent of us humans make use of social media for passive relaxation, some other than this for active form of content creation but there is a very small percentage of humans who are actually making optimal use of social media, two of those are owners of a half a billion social media followers on their pages across Facebook and Instagram, Sahil from Madlauda village in Panipat of Haryana and Nitin Negi of karnaprayag town in chamoli district of Uttarakhand, are those believers who are constantly working on making the most out of these platforms, to not only generate wealth for themselves but for dozens of media developers employed by them.

All this began in the year 2010, when two wanderers met via the hugely popular social networking platform Facebook, like any other passive user connected via this medium, they had no insight that this connection would help them find their purpose in life, but when their vision coincided, in a span of a few months, they started brainstorming on ideas and trying their hands on prospects of optimising the mass audience that sits across social media applications.

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As the quote by Winston Churchill resounds, they tasted failure many a times and had to feel doomed when things did not go as planned, but that did not deter them from pursuing their goal, with almost no related education, experience and guidance on how websites, ads, content and analytics work, both of them had to hustle big time, whilst feelings of leading a path that was unconventional and unacknowledged.

Battling through days of insecurity and self doubt they built their empire and today they successfully guide others who aide them with their day to day content and marketing needs, only to make sure that they can support as many aspirants as they can, with the correct training and incentives that they could never acquire as beginners.

Believers of their mantra,” In today’s

time, data is power, while time is money”, their journey is more than inspirational, it is a wake up call to the youth of our country who is still stuck with the conventional vocational choices and is too scared to start something novel, these youngsters are testimony to the fact that there is nothing that can limit your growth, if you trudge a path that you genuinely are interested in, provided you manifest your dreams by putting actual hardwork and practical goals which need to be constantly checked and altered, when you work towards your dreams with gusto then no hindrance can turn fatal and nothing can be unachievable.

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