Nitin Negi – An Exceptional Entrepreneur helping uttrakhand Artists to rise to the top .

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Nitin Negi is a passionate individual from chamoli uttrakhand who has hypnotized the world with his Marketing strategy and mindset . Today, this 22 year-old ensures he produce music that not just does excellently well on the charts, but most importantly in the hearts of the audiences, Getting into artistic and creative industries indeed can get a daunting task. He launched his first start-up in his teenage life. At the age of 13, 99% of the Indians do not dream to become an entrepreneur or start a business, but Nitin Negi comes under the 1% of people of the nation. Right now nitin is helping uttrakhandi artists to promote their works , He produced 4-5 garhwali songs in last 4 months which gained a huge success in music industry .  Soon on 26 september a new music album is going to launch in direction of Nitin Negi and hardik production
However, nothing can stop those who really strongly believe in their dreams and wish to cross boundaries in the same.

Nitin Negi was born in the year 1999 in an small town from chamoli and had always had a passion for entrepreneurship. To date, he has served more than 100 thousand followers with co associated with hardik films. Their client consists of influencers, politicians, singers, YouTubers, and other public figures and maintain a strong online presence on other social media platforms.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur needs a lot of hard work, a lot of patience, and a lot of observation.

A world without music is a dead world! Right ? No songs composed, no expression of love, no tunes and soulful connections. Life would be gloomy, wouldn’t it? But fortunately, we live in a beautiful magical music world that helps us feed our souls for a harmonious life.

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Honestly speaking, music is a divine way to convey beautiful things to the world. It’s a powerful healing tool that empowers people to live life to its fullest. Thanks to the musical fraternity for generously giving our world some remarkable musical compositions.

Nitin Negi personal information

Full Name

Nitin negi

Date of Birth

3 january 1999









Birth Place

Karanprayag chamoli Uttarakhand India


Digital Marketer , Producer & Director

Income (Monthly)


Mother Tongue



1 brother

Father Name

Mr. Rajpal Singh Negi

Mother Name

Mrs. Anita Negi

Nitin Negi Relationship

Marital Status


Nitin Negi Qualification


Army public school raiwala

Higher Education

IT engineering

College Name

GP Gauchar

Nitin Negi Weight and Height

Weight (Kg)



168 cm



Eye Color

Light brown

Hair Color


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