Nikhil Darji and Ahmad Tariq are giving us business development goals from their Venture NotchWeb

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Ahmad Tariq and Nikhil Darji

Switching to the online mode has been one of the biggest takeaways that the world took after the global coronavirus pandemic broke out. And since thousands of businesses have registered themselves on the web, it is important to stand apart and target the right audience for your business to make exponential growth. In-conversation with Expert digital marketers, Nikhil Darji and Tariq Ahmad from one of the fastest growing Digital Marketing companies in India, the internet gurus are living paragons of how a carefully designed web business that uses all the tools of online marketing and management, can carve a name for itself in a short span. Their digital marketing company, NotchWeb, which is not even four years old, has established a record revenue after several businesses who were tied to offline businesses took the online route. From website designing and development to optimising it to rank better on Google and social media marketing, NotchWeb had from thereon been the one stop solution for scores of personal and commercial brands in India and globally. The company does not only cater to massive businesses like fortune 100 companies but also to budding startups who want to kick-start their digital journey.

“Our vision and mission is to change the way people, in general, view digital marketing, it is an entire universe, which if optimized properly, can give insane results to founders”, says Nikhil Darji.

In a span of just 3 years, NotchWeb has taken a giant leap in building its brand with exceedingly high customer satisfaction and clients that swear by their expertise.

Both Nikhil and Tariq have been staunch believers since the start of their careers that there is enormous power in social media to grow one’s business. They reiterate,”Social media is not one of the things to establish your brand, it is the most important thing today.

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Nikhil Darji is a social media influencer and Google certified digital marketer. He became entrepreneur at very young age of 19 and started Royal Clouds, a leading web Hosting company in India

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