Netflix Webseries Your Season 3 Wraps Shooting Check Release Date

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Your Season 3

The Netflix series Your Season 3 has grasped quite a viewership with its first season and continued to deliver the same level of unexpected twists in the second season as well. The third installment has had some hurdles in production, mainly due to the pandemic and mutating tourism laws. Netflix took to Twitter to share the news that season three is in the works and will finish the shooting in a matter of few days. Netflix was cryptic about the Your Season 3 release date but you can expect the show to appear on the video streaming platform by the end of this year.

Your Season 3 Cast

The Your Season 3 continues from the last fling of Penn Badgley aka Joe with Love, who for the first time in the series has an equally cryptic and controlling personality as well. The last season depicted a forced marriage between the two, one that Joe didn’t like but had no other escape route. His hunt for the next target continues in season 3 and it will be interesting to see how his marriage hiders his abilities as a murdering psychopath. Victoria Pedretti continues her role as Love in season 3 with Michaela McManus playing the latest obsession of Joe. Shannon Chan-Kent, Christopher Sean, Shalita Grant, Travis Van Winkle have pivotal roles in the third installment of You and you can expect quite a commotion.

Your Season 3 Trailer

There isn’t one if you are hoping to watch it on YouTube. Netflix has a history of releasing trailers just before the release of the show and we don’t think it will be any different now. The last season premiered in December and you can expect the third season in that same month as well. The makers haven’t shared of this will be the end of the rodeo of Joe as a murdering psychopath and the third season is just another addition to the anticipated long run of a show. We find that the character resembles the protagonist of Dexter, a show that featured Dexter Morgan as a self-righteous vigilante.

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