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Netflix Releases: Movies Coming From January 4 to 10

As we know that you have already signed the new series that Netflix brings , now we bring you the list of all the movies that arrive on the platform next week. One of the most anticipated premieres is the drama Fragments of a Woman , starring Vanessa Kirby and Shia LaBeouf .

But it is not the only title that is added to the catalog this week. The Mummy , with Tom Cruise ; the ‘biopic’ about Elton John , Rocketman , and the horror film Escape Room are some of the titles that you cannot miss.

Next, we leave you the complete list with the movies that are released on Netflix from January 4 to 10.

Fragments of a woman

The drama Fragmentos de una mujer, by Kornél Mundruczó , is another novelty added to the Netflix catalog. The story narrates the sad event that the couple formed by Martha ( Vanessa Kirby ) and Sean ( Shia LaBeouf ) must face, after losing their baby in childbirth. As a result, Martha falls into a terrible depression, which she tries to get out of while facing her mother and Sean, with whom the relationship begins to deteriorate.

The Mummy

The film starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella , The Mummy , will also be available on Netflix starting next week. Directed by Alex Kurtzman , the film tells the story of Nick Morton (Cruise), a treasure hunter who awakens Ahmanet (Boutella), an ancient Egyptian princess, bent on seeking revenge, after the betrayal of her father, by not naming her pharaoh. Nick has in his hand to stop Ahmanet’s plans and prevent him from wiping out the world we know.

Brawl in Cell Block 99

Brawl in Cell Block 99 is another of the feature films that will land on Netflix next week. Starring Vince Vaughn and Don Johnson , the film follows Bradley (Vaughn), a former boxer who to try to get some money gets into the drug trade . After participating in a shooting, he is sentenced to prison. Once in prison he will be on the ropes, when he is forced by his enemies to commit acts of vandalism.


Taron Egerton , Jamie Bell and Richard Madden are the protagonists of Rocketman , the ‘biopic’ about Elton John that joins the catalog of the platform next week. Directed by Dexter Fletcher , the film shows John’s beginnings as a child prodigy of music, his time as a teenager and his rise to stardom , until he became one of the singers with the most repercussion in the world.

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