Neil threatens Ghazala if she tries to hurt him in the next episode of Qurbaan Hua. Chahat

Qurban hua

When Chahat calls for her father but he is not in the room. She wonders where he has gone, Neil exclaims that there is no one in the room and she helped Dr Baig in running. Neil holds her hand blaming her for helping her father, Chahat shows him the napkin. Which she gave top her father so that he can wipe away his tears. He says that now he knows who might have helped him as there is only one such person and it is Misses Baig.

Ghazala, riding in the car relieved that she able to save Dr Baig. She recalls seeing Neil standing in front of the room and when he left without being able to find Dr Baig, he departed. She then saw Chahat come out of the room and was able to save Dr Baig.

Do Ghazala gets worried listening to his voice ?

The driver tells that he doesn’t have any money. So when she takes out more money and finds the tracker. She believes it would be Chahat and believes will do everything in her power to destroy Chahat. Then asks the driver to find another location where they can hide Dr. Baig.

When they arrive at the house, Neil asks Godambari where Sunita is. Godambari replies that Sunita has left the work and has only written a note. Chahat begs Neil to do whatever he can so that she can meet her father. Neil responds that he knows that she would have gone back to the house so he will tell everyone the truth.

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When Chahat answers the call from Ghazala, the two of them enter the room. Ghazala begins threatening that she would make sure Chahat paid for what she had done. That she would only see her father when he passed away. Chahat then begins pleading, saying that Ghazala that Dr. Baig had become a burden and that she would lighten her load. When Neil overhears Ghazala claiming that she wouldn’t let her meet her father.

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