Neeyat Trailer: Vidya Balan was seen solving mother’s mystery by becoming a detective, many deep secrets revealed one by one

Neeyat film directed by Anu Menon is full of suspense. Vidya Balan plays the role of detective Meera Rao in the movie.


Release of the Neeyat trailer starring Vidya Balan: One of the actresses in the movie business who constantly believes in taking on new roles is Vidya Balan, a Bollywood actress. Vidya has given many hit films like ‘Dirty Picture’, and ‘And Kahaani’ in her career. Although in addition, she is currently making news for her upcoming film, “Niyat.” Because of her role in this movie, Vidya is once more in the spotlight. While Fans are very excited about Vidya’s film. Today saw the release of the film “Niyat’s” explosive trailer.

The mystery became the death of Ram Kapoor.

Today saw the premiere of Vidya Balan’s movie “Neeyat,” and the actress shared the trailer on Instagram. In the trailer’s many colors, an unexpected event occurs that alters everyone’s existence. But it is shown in the trailer that everyone thinks that Ram Kapoor commits suicide, but in the meantime, Vidya Bal enters and she says that it is not suicide but murder. The pursuit of the story’s veracity then starts. But The ‘Neet’ trailer is quite interesting. Vidya’s acting is too strong as always.

Vidya is seen in the role of Meera in the Neeyat Trailer

Neeyat, directed by Anu Menon, is full of suspense. This movie’s trailer is very well received. The trailer for the movie has been seen many times by users. They comment on it constantly by posting their reactions on social media. But Vidya Balan plays the role of detective Meera Rao in the movie. While Meera will be shown in the movie attempting to solve a murder mystery.

Recently the teaser of this film was released, which has increased the excitement of the audience four times regarding its trailer. The trailer for the film ‘Niyat’ has been released.’Niyat’ was filmed in the UK .’Niyat’ was filmed in the UK. Along with Vidya, Ram Kapoor, and Rahul Bose will also appear in the movie as actors. On July 7th, this movie will be released in theatres.

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