Neetu Kapoor Recalls Rishi Kapoor’s Last Two Wishes

Sugandh chetry
Sugandh chetry

Neetu Kapoor had finally revealed that her husband, late Rishi Kapoor wanted to see his son Ranbir Kapoor get married. She said that it was one of the two list cherished desires that Rosshi Kapoor has before dying. And his second desire was to see his son Ranbir Kapoor dress as her Peshawari tradition, ride a horse.

Famous actor Rishi Kapoor married his wife Neetu Singh in the year 1980. They had two children, a son Ranbir Kapoor and a daughter, Riddhima Kapoor Sahni. Ranbir is currently rumored to be in a relationship with actor Alia Bhatt. And Riddhima is married to a businessman Bharat Sahni, they also have a daughter Samara.

During an interview with The Quint, Neetu spoke about all the wishes of Rishi Kapoor, “One was to see Ranbir wearing a turban with an emerald and a broach in the Peshawari tradition–astride a ghodi (horse), on his wedding day. He was totally sentimental about this, he’d keep saying, ‘Kisi din, mujhe hamare bete ko ghodi pe sawaar dekhna hai which translates (Someday I want to see our son on a horse)”.

Neetu said that his second wish was to see their Krishna Raj house redeveloped and complete. With three separate apartments for Riddhima, Ranbir, and Neetu. She said that he would almost every day visit the site, and supervise even the minute details until covid-19 happened.

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Speaking about Rishi Kapoor’s 69th birth anniversary Neetu said what he would do on that day if he would be alive. “Oh, I’m sure he’d get himself a new suit like he always did. And he’d take two hours to get ready, while I just took an hour at most. He was very fond of clothes of all colours – even yellow, purple, green, and gold because he could carry them off. I don’t know how many suits and jackets are still there in his wardrobe, unworn, with the price tags on. And he was crazy about shoes, too, of all colors again!”.

Neetu also decided on a post and shared a picture of Rishi Kapoor on his birthday. The captions were, “I learned a lot from Rishi Ji during our last few traumatic years in NYC, how we celebrated when his blood counts were high. We dined shopped laughed, in his lows we just stayed home watched tv ordered in amazing food n still had some wonderful moments in hope that the next round of chemotherapy he would be better.”

She concluded, “Hope and being strong is what he taught me, value each day. We all miss him today !!! I can picture him how excited he would have been for his 69th birthday !! I’m sure he is celebrating with his family up there Happy birthday Kapoor Saab.”

If Rishi Kapoor would have been alive he would have turned 69 on 4 of September. He passed away in April 2020. At that time his age was 67. He had a deadly disease and after a two-year battle with Leukemia, he finally lost his battle of life.

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