NEET 2021 Topper Mrinal Kutteri’s Mantra for Scoring the Perfect 720/720

Mrinal Kutteri
Mrinal Kutteri

Mrinal Kutteri, who is an AIR topper in NEET Exam, scored a perfect 720 on 720. His strategy was quite eccentric from usual toppers. Mrinal never believed in timetables and strict study schedules. For him, the final results were important. No matter however diverse the path may be. He proved that it worked by bagging the first rank in NEET 2021.

After the declaration of NEET results, Mrinal Kutteri has hardly been at home last two days. Every call on his cell phone is picked up by his parents who assure that he will call back.

His Academic Background

Mrinal Kutteri scored 98.16% in his ICSE Class 10 board exams and 88.6% in his Class 12 boards.

Mrinal Kutteri
Mrinal Kutteri

He was active in extracurriculars till middle school. Therefore, he had appeared for a few Olympiads, SpellBees, and quizzes in Class 10. However, in Classes 11-12 he focussed on studying for NEET. Although, he appeared for KVPY and JEE Main in Class 12. He gave the exam with no extra preparation than what he was already studying for NEET. Still, he bagged a whooping 99.9 percentile in his JEE Main exam this year.

So… how many hours did he study?

While talking about the number of hours he put in daily, Mrinal said, “There are wild variations in the number of hours I put in for each day in studies. On some days, I felt very productive and on other days, I couldn’t study at all. Even with that range, I studied for around 4 hours on an average and on really productive days, maybe 5 hours, apart from college, but nothing more than that.

Mrinal Kutteri
Mrinal Kutteri

Mrinal emphasized the importance of flexibility in study routines. He said, “So, I went for a free-form and flexible pattern. I set a goal for each day and how I achieved it was up to me. There were many days when I couldn’t achieve the goal, but it was not about getting demotivated or discouraged. Being okay with this free form is what I think really helped me.”

Future Plans

Since Mrinal has got the very top rank in NEET, he is eligible for top medical colleges in India. Mrinal Kutteri said that he is set to join AIIMS Delhi. For those who do not know AIIMS Delhi is the best medical college in India.  However, he has not decided on his future course. He said, “My decision to become a doctor is quite recent and my understanding of medicine may be subject to change.”

Whatever he wishes to do, we wish him all the best in all his future endeavors!

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