NCIS Season 18 Fans on Emily Fornell’s Death

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This week, NCIS came under scrutiny after Gibbs and Fornell’s continuing probe resulted in the unfortunate departure of the latter’s daughter, Emily.

Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano) has been on the lookout for his daughter Emily (Juliette Angelo) since the beginning of NCIS’s 18th season. Regrettably, his query with Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon) finished in disaster this week, and CBS dramatic viewers weren’t satisfied.

Viewers also voiced outrage at the sudden death of favourite recurring function Emily Fornell in this week’s episode of NCIS, “Winter Chill.” Emily was in constant danger this season because her relapse prompted Gibbs and Fornell to start looking into a nearby meth ring. While their operation was a success, Emily’s battle with opioid addiction wasn’t.

Many fans were hoping the suicidal girl would endure her overdose, but the series chose the worst possible result.

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As the incident finished on Tuesday evening, viewers took to social media to discuss their displeasure with NCIS’s decision to murder Fornell’s daughter.

On Twitter, 1 fan wrote, “Oh nooooooooo! Emily is no longer living! She’ll be sorely missed! I feel terrible for Fornell!”

NCIS Season 18

“I’m not okay after tonight NCIS,” another wrote. “That was sudden and unwanted. This functionality has a method of breaking my heart”

NCIS Season 18: Fans on Emily Fornell’s Death

Fans were agitated after the off-screen death of Dr. Jimmy Palmer’s (Brian Dietzen) mom, Breena (Michelle Pierce).

The latest episodes of CBS’s iconic crime drama have had a grim undercurrent because the story has finally jumped ahead to the coronavirus pandemic.

While Gibbs and the squad solved dreadful murders daily, the most recent season has struck a little too close to home, with the deaths of many familiar faces. Any sceptics also have criticized the string’s choice to kill off or drop important female characters in the last few episodes.

Furthermore, fans were outraged when Breena Palmer was suddenly dropped from the show without ever saying farewell. Others in the crowd have also threatened to quit viewing if season 18 fails to tug at their heartstrings weekly.

Even though the series manages to supply exciting suspense and surprises, viewers hoping for light-hearted escapism have been put through the wringer in recent weeks.

With seven episodes remaining in the present season, hopefully, the remainder of season 18 will restore the series to its roots and reclaim the confidence of its frustrated fanbase.

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