Ncis Returned For Its Latest Instalment As Part Of Season 18 But Will There Be Another Delay?

Nisha Rathod
Nisha Rathod

NCIS Season 18 has been unlike any other series, not just for the postponed release date because of the pandemic, but also for the number of breaks, there were between episodes. Typically, there could be the winter hiatus where the CBS show would not return until early January and possibly one or two mini-breaks thrown into the mixture during the rest of the sequence. However, there’s been much more than normal this time around and yet another will be on its way.

Has Ncis Been Delayed?

NCIS’s Watchdog aired on Tuesday, March 16, and was especially memorable because this is the incident where Agent Leroy Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) was suspended.

He beat up a guy involved in a dog-fighting ring and responsible for murdering numerous animals but it ended with Gibbs having to hand in his badge and gun.

Fans had been awaiting the follow-up event to explain what happened next, which finally arrived yesterday on Tuesday, April 6.

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Sadly, now season 18 will soon be taking still another break from CBS.

There’ll be no new episode of NCIS airing next week, fans will be disappointed to understand.

No official reason was given as to why there is yet another break so soon.

But it could only be down to ensuring the show’s schedule remains on track so the finale airs on Tuesday, May 25 as planned.

This will be to line up with NCIS Los Angeles and NCIS New Orleans’ finales which is shown on Sunday, May 23.

There are supposed to be a total of 16 episodes in season 18, therefore five more are left to the atmosphere.

Hence, the remaining episodes need to be slightly spread out in order to meet this final date.

Luckily, the network has already announced when viewers can expect to view episode 12.

NCIS year 18 will go back to CBS on Tuesday, April 20 for an episode called Sangre which is Spanish for blood.

The release dates for the episodes following this however haven’t been revealed.

However, as there will be five months left before the finale and only four episodes left to reveal, another break should be expected.

According to NCIS’s IMDB page, there’s no release date for episode 13 Misconduct as of yet.

So there very well could be still another hiatus after airing episodes 12 on April 20.

The latest episode Gut Punch watched a welcomed addition to the NCIS cast.

Actor Mark Harmon’s wife Pam Dawber appeared in the show for the first time as investigative journalist Marcie Warren.

She’ll be part of a four-episode arc but how is she going to affect Gibb’s time away from the workplace?

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