Navneet Malik will be seen in a negative role in The Freelancer, said – a better role cannot be found at this stage

Navit is seen in a new style in the trailer of the series. This is going to prove to be an important character in the actor's career, he will play a negative role on screen for the first time


The Freelancer: The teaser of Neeraj Pandey’s new series ‘The Freelancer’ is out. This series of Neeraj is also on the same line on which ‘Baby’ and ‘Special Ops’ have been made. That means the tinge of suspense, thrill, and action is going to be seen again. People have liked the teaser, fans are eager to see Neeraj Pandey-style content. Navneet Malik, who was impressed with his performances in ‘Love Hostel’ and ‘Heropanti 2’, will be seen in a negative role in ‘The Freelancer’.

What did Navneet Malik say?

This will be the first time that Navneet will be seen in a negative role on screen. Recently, Navneet told, ‘In the series, I have played the character of Mohsin, who is Aaliya’s husband. They both are living a happy life, when their life changes completely due to an incident. I am playing a gray character in the series. Overall, in the series, the audience will see both the good and the bad side of Mohsin.

Navneet told that when they came to know that Neeraj Pandey is behind the series, he was happy and decided to act in the series. On reading the role, I felt as if it was written just for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better character at this stage of my career.

What is the storyline of The Freelancer?

The story of ‘The Freelancer’ is based on the book ‘A Ticket to Syria’ by Shirish Thorat. Its story is based on a mission in which an attempt is made to rescue a girl held captive in the war-torn region of Syria. But It tells how young youths are tricked into joining terrorist organizations. However, the movie was filmed in foreign countries. Therefore, grandeur can also be seen in the series through long shots.

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Who’s Who in the Series?

‘The Freelancer’ stars Kashmera, Navneet Malik, and Manjari Fadnavis apart from a stellar cast including Anupam Kher, Mohit Raina, and Sushant Singh. Along with veteran actors, newcomers have also been given a chance in the series. The series is directed by Bhav Dhulia. The series will release on September 1 on Disney Plus Hotstar. The trailer for the series is yet to come.


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