NavaRasa A South Indian Anthology That Will Blow Your Mind

Ankita Gurung
Ankita Gurung

NavaRasa is Netflix’s recently released series which is creating a buzz for both good and bad reasons. Navrasa is an anthology that depicts 9 different stories with every new episode and there is a fresh face in every episode. It is a mix of murder, mystery, horror, and suspense and every episode have a different story that is not connected with the previous one.

It is a series that is created by Mani Ratnam. Every episode is fresh and different and some are partially based on real stories Navrasa created a huge buzz on the day of release and is top 10 series that is trending in India right now. Navrasa has a total of 9 different episodes and every episode is directed by different directors. The cast of each and every episode is really powerful and strong and their acting skills are chef’s kiss.

Navrasa trailer was dropped by Netflix on 1st August and since then the hype has been created in the sea of series watchers.Navrasa was premiered on Netflix on Friday 6th August 2021 and is currently at the number 1 series in India among the top 10 series and movies.

Suriya played Kamal, Arvind Swami played Vishnu, Vijay Sethupathi played  Dheena, Siddarth as Farooq played Djinn Atharvaa and there are much more talented actor’s from the Tamil movie industry who are in this series playing major roles.

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Navrasa main theme revolves around many characters who depict real stories as well as fictional the story will make you think psychologically and will help you understand the character’s point of view. There are few series which not only give you entertainment but also make you think about what would you do in place of those characters and Navrasa is one of them.

Nevrasa has 9 different stories with 9 different emotions, storylines,s and plots the only thing that is similar to each and every episode is that there is some mystery, drama, murder, and many more. Episode 1 and episode 9 of the series are poles apart. But one thing is sure i.e you will be thrilled with each and every episode. The first episode began with murder and the last episode ended with some musical romantic story. Navrasa is not like your normal boring series every episode will leave you stunned and wanting more and more. It’s a very well-executed anthology as anthologies are harder to grasp for the audience as every episode is new. But Navrasa will make you hooked to the series.

Navrasa created a hyped among series fans even before its release because of the tweet that Netflix posted on their official Twitter website #bannetflix was trending after the series was released,  and Raza Academy officially an organization twitted on   Twitter, ” Netflix has announced a verse of the Quran in the advertisement of its film NavaRasa in Daily Thanthi newspaper This is an insult to the Quran. We demand strict action against @NetflixIndia (sic).”

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