Nafas Hussey Taking The Modelling Industry By Storm

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Modelling is a volatile industry. What’s new today might not be relevant tomorrow. In this confusing and fast-paced profession, only a few can their feet. The model in highlight today is Nafas Hussey, who is soaring temperatures on Instagram and other social media platforms with her scintillating pictures and fashion sense. She has inspired a lot of young females to venture into modelling and never be afraid of embracing their inner beauty. Her Instagram account boasts of a whopping 182K followers as of now, who are interested in every move she makes in the fashion industry.


It is hard to digest the fact that Nafas Hussey’s original inclination was towards fine arts. She loved to paint and even pursued a career in fine arts because of her love for the abstract arts. She graduated in architecture and worked for a while with the too architecture firms in Iran before moving to Sydney to embrace her burning desire for fine arts. Nafas Hussey is a born catholic who bears a Persian nationality but has been in Sydney, Australia for over a decade, practising her modelling career. She loves to paint but hardly gets time for it now. Her work has been featured in a wide variety of art expo in both Iran and Sydney. 

Nafas Hussey is content with her profession and the fandom it entails. She says, “It feels great to be loved by so many people across the globe. I am happy to see the wishes and positive comments pouring in on Instagram. I am exhausted by back to back shoots but try to spare time for my fans and to connect with them via a story or post frequently. While I’m content with my profession, I still try to find an excuse to paint something. It took, excessive efforts and loads of criticism to achieve a respectable status in the modelling world but it was worth it. I try to encourage all the females to never shy away from the fact that they are beautiful irrespective of colour, shape or size.”

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Nafas Hussey is also a fitness enthusiast who lives to train and keep her body sculpted for shoots. She says, “Fitness requires great sacrifices. I had to leave a lot of sugary treats to achieve this physique. Thankfully, my body type is naturally curvy and exercising takes it a step further.”

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