Naaz Joshi: An emerging trans celebrity due to her own efforts

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Naaz Joshi

The word celebrity when comes to our mind, what do we think at first? Money, luxury, fans etc, it’s not always true. Today is the story of a trans woman who has won seven international beauty pageants, back to back. With CIS Gender women, her recent achievements have been a brand ambassador of MM Public School, Pitampura, chosen by the principal of the school Mrs. Rooma Pathak. Ambassador of an NGO name Dzire for life and first-ever brand face of natural products name naturapureLs. She is the only trans woman who has been a brand ambassador for almost eight brands.

When a female celebrity is chosen to endorse a product she is definitely paid. But in the trans woman case, she does it for little recognition for herself and her community. As a model, she is never paid because if she would ask for a payment, people will replace her.
She is always ignored at events by the LGBT community because there is a lobby run by a topmost trans woman, who believes in giving space to people who are nice to her. Naaz says she will not break down like Sushant Singh Rajput. She will stand strong and face this discrimination from the LGBT community of Delhi.

Naaz is all set to organize her home production beauty pageant Mihm®️ under which she will organize Queen universe, Queen of Nations, and Mrs India homemakers. She recently produced a music video named ‘Kate Nahi Kat Te’ where she paid tribute to the late Sridevi. She will be seen shortly in a movie name ‘Draupadi’ and ‘Revenge’. Later this year she is organizing a beauty pageant for trans women named ‘MISS UNIVERSE TRANS’. Where for the first time India is hosting an international trans pageant.

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