Music Sensation, Dr. Menka Mishra Leads the Way in Inspiring YoungMind

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

“Believe you can, and you’re halfway the9re” – Theodore Roosevelt

Believing in oneself is the best thing one could do to grow in life. Once you start believing in yourself, there is no going back. Dr. Menka Mishra, Ph.D. in music did exactly the same when she saw the dream of becoming a playback singer. Little did she knew that one day her dreams would bring her immense fame and attention. Since her childhood, Menka was interested in singing. Her teachers and friends at school were also impressed by her voice. Menka’s music teacher at school, Late Gayatri Tiwari Ji advised Menka to learn music. She learned classical and smooth music from Late Pandit Kripa Shankar Tiwari Ji, who later on insisted she fill the Akashwani form. Menka Mishra was utterly determined to become a musician. She did not let anything stop her from following her dreams. Even after marriage she continued her studies and followed her passion. Luckily, her husband, Shri Arvind Mishra also supported her thoroughly. He encouraged her to study even after marriage and having two children. Menka Mishra has completed her Ph.D. from Allahabad University after having two kids. She is truly an inspiration to all those women who consider marriage and kids as a hurdle from following their passion.

Menka Mishra has undertaken a lot of projects under the T-Series banner. She has been working alongside T-Series for quite a long time. Menka is a well-known personality of the T-Series. Most of her famous and superhit songs have been recorded with T-Series. Jai Ganesh, Mohan Murli Bana Lena, Bansuri pe Kanha, He Mahaveer Hanumat Namh, Prem Deewani Meera, Ahsas, Said Chalisa, Maiya ka Darbar Saja Hai, Shubh Karini Vaishno Devi, Bhavani Aai Agne Me, Piya Nirmohiya, etc. are a few albums released by Menka Mishra under T-Series banner. Apart from T-Series, Menka has also worked with record labels like Wave, Dc, Kv, and Vijay Lakshmi. Besides that, Menka has also sang songs in Bollywood with Udit Narayan, Shaan, Jaspinder Narula, Kumar Vishnu, etc.

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Menka Mishra is a personality, we all should be highly inspired. Besides her singing career, she has also focused on social issues of society. She runs a show on a YouTube channel known as “Humari Vyatha”, in which she talks of the sensitive topics of our society such as rape, child labor, acid attacks, etc. She has also done concerts that support social causes. Menka has been awarded a certificate of appreciation for a musical concert that supported the concept of “Hunger-Free India”. She has conferred various titles and awards to her name. She has been awarded the “Top 50 Indian Icon Awards” for best performance in the new subject “Santana the Soul of Music” in the year 2017. Jaspinder Narula presented this award to her. She has also received a certificate of appreciation for best devotional singing performance in musical opera in “Rashtriya Ramayana Mela” in Chitrakut Dham in the year 1998.  Menka has also received a certificate of appreciation for the presentation of devotional songs in “Taj Mahotsav 2017” in Agra. There are a lot of other awards, titles, and prizes that Dr. Menka Mishra has received at renowned places from renowned personalities. These were just to name a few.

“Saawre Piya” is a very lovely song written, composed, and sung by Menka Mishra herself. The song will be released very soon for the audience. It has been taken from “Thumri Ang” and will be presented to the audience in a very new style of music under a big banner. Another Sufi composition of poet Malukdas Ji will be released by Menka Mishra soon. The song is titled “Almast Fakira” and has been composed with a new style of music. A romantic Ghazal will also be brought very soon by Menka Mishra for her viewers titled “Pyar Karun Tujhse”.

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