Mr. Jitender Goswami, Founder and CEO of SMMPackage Pvt.Ltd Company joined in holy matrimony with Ms. Nisha Wadhawa

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Jitender Goswami and Nisha Wadhawa

Mr.Jitender Goswami, a famous digital marketer married Ms. Nisha Wadhawa on 31st May 2022, in a grand ceremony. The wedding was reportedly a surprise to most of the guests, as it happened within 4 days of meeting each other. The couple has been introduced by their parents, at Fatehabad, Haryana. Mr.Jitender Goswami, the newly enriched SMMPackage Pvt.Ltd founder has updated his status to “married”.

Mr.Jitender Goswami and 26-year-old Nisha wed at a grand ceremony near his home in Surkhab Palace, Sirsa, on Tuesday. The pre-wedding ceremonies started with the Roka celebration on 28th May 2022 followed by sangeet and haldi ceremonies.
The couple met at his ancestral home in Fatehabad, Haryana and he was impressed and fell in love with her simplicity. Now Ms. Nisha Wadhawa is known as Mrs. Nisha Goswami and She is a very beautiful and kind –hearted woman.

Millionaire Mr.Jitender Goswami took his company to the best digital marketing company within a span of two years. It’s not easy to make your place in the market in the span of 2years while having great competition, but Mr. Jitender Goswami did it because of his consistent dedication and clear vision; with constant hard work and never giving up attitude. He received the best entrepreneur of the year, 2021 award by Dream Publications and Web hack Solutions

A company spokeswoman said Jitenderdesigned the mangalsutra – featuring “a very simple design” – himself.

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Ms.Nisha hails from Surat, Gujarat, and all the ceremonies took place in Haryana before fewer than 100 guests. Tens of thousands of people “liked” his status change, which was accompanied by a photo of the couple in wedding attire. Congratulations to the happy couple. Although it is an arranged marriage, no doubt they married for love.

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