MP: Vicious vehicle thieves gang busted, 3 accused including 5 motorcycles worth 8 lakh arrested. MP: Vicious vehicle thieves gang busted, 3 accused including 5 motorcycles worth 8 lakh arrested

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR

Raisen: Cases of motorcycle theft were coming to the fore in Goharganj police station of Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. Meanwhile, a motorcycle thief gang was arrested during police checking. The thieves accepted the crime of stealing 5 motorcycles worth about 8 lakhs. The three accused Sheru, Rajesh and Ustad alias Gani police produced the three accused in the court, from where they were sent to jail.

According to the information, on Monday, February 21, under the police station Goharganj, complainant Shivnarayan Nandvanshi resident Vineka told in the complaint that he parked his motorcycle in the evening and went to the market on the day of the market. During this, some unknown thief stole and took away. On the report of police station Goharganj, crime number 32/2022 section 379 Bhadvi was registered and taken into consideration.

On the very next day, the vicious thieves broke their hands on the motorcycle of the police constable kept in front of Gauharganj court in broad daylight. After this, again on the report of constable, crime number 33/2022 section 379 Bhadvi was established in the police station Goharganj and was taken into consideration. Within 2 days, it was a challenge for the Goharganj police to dominate the Goharganj police station like this.

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According to the information received, incidents of motorcycle theft were also reported from Mandideep area during these days. In view of the frequent incidents of theft, Superintendent of Police Raisen had directed the police station in-charge, Goharganj Sub-Inspector RK Chaudhary, to catch the motorcycle thieves and recover the motorcycles at the earliest. During vehicle checking, the motorcyclists coming on a motorcycle without a number plate, after seeing the police checking, started running back 34 miles.

On escaping under suspicion and suspicious condition, the police staff caught hold of him and asked him in relation to his name, address and car papers, then he named Sheru Ali father Ramzan Ali age 30 years resident village Chenpur police station Bari district Raisen and Rajesh Thakur father Sumer Thakur age 26 years resident ward no. 14 Deori police station was told to be of Deori district Raisen.

On checking the broken number plate motorcycles from the suspects, it was found that these are stolen vehicles from village Vineka and in front of the court Gauharganj in the crimes of the police station Goharganj. Sheru and Rajesh were strictly interrogated, who accepted their crime, along with their third accomplice Mohd. Irshad alias Gani father Sharif Khan, age 26 years, resident of Ward No, 14 Deori, in the last week, Bangarasia Mandideep Gauharganj and even before this, Baktra etc. Confessed to stealing a total of 08 motorcycles from the areas.

Under the direction of senior officers, a joint team of police station Goharganj and police station Mandideep was formed, then according to the instructions of accused Sheru and Rajesh, the third accused Mohd. Irshad alias Gani absconding, including 6 motorcycles stolen by the accused from village Chainpur and police station Deori. Succeeded in catching

In this way, a total of 08 motorcycles stolen from the three accused have been recovered, out of which two in the crime of Gauharganj police station area and one in the crime of motorcycle police station Mandideep and the information of the remaining others is being obtained. Accused Sheru Ali is a former record holder miscreant who had recently come out of jail and along with his two accomplices Rajesh Thakur and Irshad alias Gani became active in motorcycle theft incidents.


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