More beautiful life: Sabrina finds herself on the street again

Paula Carol
Paula Carol

In Plus Belle La Vie, nothing goes for the beautiful Sabrina. The waitress of the Mistral goes through the galleys and finds herself living in the street.

Sabrina is experiencing a real descent into hell  In the Marseille soap opera Plus Belle La Vie , broadcast on France 3, the pretty brunette goes through hard times.

First, the waitress at the Mistral bar lost her boyfriend . Indeed, Stan ( Cyril Durel ) put an end to their love affair, which had lasted for several months.

Then Sabrina lost her job . She no longer works at the legendary Plus Belle La Vie restaurant , where she used to like it.

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The reason ? Mourning the death of her friend Chloé, homeless, the person has lost control. So, she hit her boss, Roland Marci , in the crotch.

As bad news never comes alone, the young woman also lost the roof she had on her head. And for good reason, her roommates no longer want her.

As a reminder, Sabrina had asked her former darling to escape in place of Mouss from the Baumettes prison. But that’s not all !

She had also tried to steal the brooch from Milla , with whom she got along very well. So for them, this is too much.

In any case, Sabrina is not the only one to attract the cameras of Plus Belle La Vie lately. Jean-Paul Boher cannot understand what could have happened to Samia.

Indeed, the mother of her daughter Lucie has disappeared. Thus, the police officer wonders if an event has occurred. However, the elements suggest that she staged her disappearance.

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