Monika Rawat is a Magical Girl who boldly sails into the world of Entrepreneurship in her new platform called “Social Mitra”

Interviewer PR
Interviewer PR
Monika Rawat

Setting up a new business I lose at the same time taking risks is called entrepreneurship. A benign entrepreneur possesses innovative ideas and procures world-class services for customers.  she is a young entrepreneur who founded Social Mitra, a social media platform.

She controls all the social media management. She is a web developer and ensures everyone’s goals should be met through the website. She has all the knowledge, techniques, and strategies which in turn will make social Mitra on top of the world news websites.  Social Mitra verifies all things first and then starts working on it.  

Talking about her Social Mitra, Monika Rawat throws light on it that she always liked traveling and exploring new people and new places. Further, she added that she was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she advocates that everyone has to earn such things whether it is prestige or money. She has a joint family where everyone has their dreams and perspectives but thinking aside from the main course she commenced working on her dream at a very young age and not fortunately but intentionally she established herself as a young entrepreneur.  So concluding this, we can say a new entrepreneur has been kept pace with unparalleled excellence and brilliance, with no fear in her eyes only ambitions and desires to conquer the world.

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