Money Heist Season 5 Plot And Star Cast

Chris Steward
Chris Steward
Money Heist Season 5

The wait is finally over. Money Heist Season 5 is back with a bang! With chaos everywhere and a lot at stake this time, season 5 will spike up your adrenaline levels for sure. And the trailer speaks for itself. Hoping you guys are caught up with the last 4 seasons as there are spoilers ahead! We saw how our beloved Professor turned the tables in just 45 minutes at the end of the last season!.

In Money Heist Season 5 Alicia blames all the gruesome mishaps on the government. She resigns when she was forced to do the opposite in front of the press conference. The President gives orders to catch her, but she escapes. Plan Paris was successful, and Lisbon is safely sent to the Bank of Spain. We lost Nairobi in season 4, played by Alba Flores.

But then everything seems to be working in the favor of the Professor and the team but here comes another blow. Hiding from the police and the government officials, Alicia somehow finds the Professor’s base. We see her pointing a gun at him and shooting at a distant wall just to scare him, uttering “Checkmate”.

Money Heist Season 5 Start Cast

THE PROFESSOR – Álvaro Morte
TOKYO – Úrsula Corberó
ALICIA – Najwa Nimri
RAQUEL aka LISBON – Itziar Ituño
GANDIA – José Manuel Poga
Palermo – Rodrigo de la Serna
RIO – Miguel Herrán
DENVER – Jaime Lorente
HELSINKI – Darko Peric
STOCKHOLM – Esther Acebo
BOGOTA – Hovik Keuchkerian
MANILA aka JULIA – Belén Cuesta
ARTURO – Enrique Arce
CORONEL TOMAYO – Fernando Cayo
New Additions: Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Patrick Criado and José Manuel Seda

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Money Heist Season 5 Trailer Breakdown

In the trailer, we can see Alicia torturing Professor with her well-known sadistic skills. And Coronel Tamayo bringing the Military force and declaring war! What happens next?! Does this mark the fall of the Professor? A fall of the team? Or they’ll win this system vs sufferer war? Is the heist going to
be a worthy win?

What To Expect From Season 5

We’ll have to wait till September 3 for our answers. Meanwhile, fans are coming up with a lot of speculations and expectations. Some of them are:-

1. Alicia might join the team: That could be a possibility. The same realization hit Alicia as it hit Raquel in season 2 that the government cares about nobody. And the team is weirdly virtuous. Although the actions of Alicia in the trailer speaks differently.

2.  End of Professor: In the trailer, Professor says that this is the last conversation between him and the team. If it’s true, this would be a big hit to the team and the fans. Although Berlin, Professor, and Palermo planned this heist, our Professor is the spine of the show. Alicia might bring an end to the mastermind. Let’s hope that’s not true.

3. Tatiana and Alicia: Is there any link between the two? Not to
mention, they look strikingly similar. Fans believe Tatiana is going
to play a major role in the heist.

4.  Tokyo’s narration: Fans have mixed feelings towards her since the show began. They couldn’t get their heads around her being the narrator of the series. Does this somehow means she’s the only
one alive and is depicting everything to a government official?!

5.  We need an answer to the afterlife scene and the football match. Did you notice most of the players in team green are dead by now! This scene might give away the future deaths in the series.

6) There are some puzzling questions as well, like What happens to the unborn child of Alicia and Nairobi’s son Axel? What is the significance of Denver’s sister Julia? What more flavors do the new additions bring to the series?

Among all these questions and predictions, there are things which we are very much sure about. This season is jam-packed with action, awe, heartbreaks, twists, and turns. Season 5 marks volume 1 of the finale of Money Heist. Volume 2 is expected around December 3 of this year.

Let’s see what amazement the show creator Álex Pina has in the box for us. Bella Ciao for now!

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