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Monarca Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Every Latest Information

Monarca’, the series created by Diego Gutiérrez and produced by Ventanarosa, a Salma Hayek company, premieres its Second Season on Netflix this Friday, January 1

‘ Monarca ‘, the series produced by Salma Hayek in Mexico , tells the story of Ana María ( Irene Azuela ), who returns to Mexico City after 20 years to fight to control her family’s tequila empire, which is in danger of sink drowning in corruption and secrets. The fight between the Carranza brothers for control of the Monarca tequila empire intensifies when the throne changes ownership.

The first season of “ Monarca ” ends with the arrest of Ana María Carranza , the new president of the company, accused of murdering her father. We know that it is not true and that the real culprit is Agustín, but this will affect the family and the company. Will he be able to prove his innocence? Who will stay in charge while everything clears up?

On the other hand, Cecilia , Agustin sister-in-law , took charge of taking revenge on the murderer of the Carranza patriarch, shooting him in the chest. This would prevent her late husband’s brother from further hurting them. But Agustin revealed the secret that they both had before they died. Will this get Cecilia to go to jail?

The fight between the Carranza brothers for control of the Monarca tequila empire intensifies when the throne changes ownership. Sofía Carranza ( Fernanda Castillo ) goes, along with her husband Ignacio ( Alejandro de la Madrid ), to investigate the death of her father. When he discovers that he was killed by a family member, a pitched battle breaks out against his cousins, Ana María ( Irene Azuela ), Andrés ( Osvaldo Benavides ) and Joaquín ( Juan Manuel Bernal ).

In addition, the Carranza brothers will have to bear the consequences of their actions: Ana María returns to Ignacio , her first love; Andrés brings his marriage to the brink of breaking up, and Joaquín tries to regain the love of his children. They are more divided than ever, but they must unite to bury the past, because if it comes to light, it could destroy the whole family.

The series stars, among others, Orene Azuela, Osvaldo Benavides, Juan Manuel Bernal, Fernanda Castillo, Alejandro de la Madrid and Rosa María Bianchi. The executive production is in charge of Salma Hayek, José Tamez, Billy Rovzar, Fernando Rovzar, Erica Sánchez Su and Michael McDonald.

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