Momoland Star Yeonwoo and Lee Min Ho – New Dating couple in Town

Mamta Panda
Mamta Panda
Yeonwoo and Lee Min Ho

Former Momoland crew member Yeonwoo and Korean heartthrob Lee Min Ho are in love. They have been dating for the last 5 months according to the latest updates on Dispatch. The celeb couple was spotted on a romantic movie date a day before yesterday’s eve. Yeonwoo chose casual athleisure wear while Lee Min Ho opted for loose-fitted shorts with a tee. The latest updates for their date suggest that the male beau played a perfect date, picked up his girl, and drove her to the Coex movie theatre for the date.

Apart from that, the news was confirmed by a statement made on the Instagram portal regarding the lovey-dovey couple stating ” We are in Love!!.”

“We are in love,” read a statement on the portal’s Instagram page.

The actor Lee who starred in colossal hit dramas naming a few – Boys Over Flowers, Heirs, and Legend of the Blue Sea, denied reports asserting his courtship with the former MOMOLAND member Yeonwoo. However, Lee Min-ho has been cited of violating quarantine rules in the thick of dating rumors.

On August 30th local media outlet Dispatch reported that the couple dating for 5 months and also shared photos of the movie date on 1st August Yeonwoo’s Birthday after watching a movie late. It was also reported that the two stars had celebrated their birthday at Lee’s house. On this Lee cleared for his side that they bond over similar hobbies together such as gaming and watching movies.

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Lee Min ho’s agency MYM entertainment totally denied the dating reports. They claimed that the two are just two acquaintances and not dating. Talking with regards to the photo, the agency clarified that it was not a date as such but that they had just watched a movie with their group of friends.  However, this made them suffer otherwise affirming Lee Min Ho’s agency breaking quarantine rules while being embroiled with the dating rumors with Yeon woo.

After these reports, there have been speculations that Lee Min Ho and Yeon woo broke the current social distancing rule applied throughout the Seoul metropolitan area. In the Seoul Metropolitan area, there have been Level 4 social distancing norms being followed since July 12th this year. According to these rules gatherings for personal events are limited to four people before 6 pm.

After 6 pm 2 people may meet. However, Lee Min Ho’s agency stressed the notion that the photos were taken before the new quarantine rules were applied. They explained it with a quote that the ‘ date when Lee Min Ho went to a movie theater with 3 people including Yeon Woo was back on July 1.  In addition to that, the agency also stated that – ‘ We confirm that the actor that only four people have gathered at that time. Therefore he did not break quarantine rules. They were not photos of the date.

Lee Min Ho recently finished filming for the new Apple TV  drama Pachinko and Yeon woo has been focussing on acting since leaving Momo land in 2020. In the meantime, Yeonwoo’s agency MLD Entertainment has yet to comment on this affair.

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