Mission Majnu Movie Review: Sidharth Malhotra’s vibrant performance makes the spying narrative come to life.

Mission Majnu review: avoids jingoism with a weak plot

Mission Majnu avoids the strident jingoism that contemporary Mumbai films in this category are prone to. That considerable advantage, however, is compromised by a serious flaw: a plot with less strength.

Mission Majnu: A thrilling spy story of loyalty and love in a dangerous undercover mission

The movie is a spy thriller that takes its sweet time to begin. It focuses on a fictitious RAW operation intended to thwart Pakistan’s covert nuclear program in the 1970s. The film weaves an uneven thriller into a love story between an Indian undercover agent and a blind Pakistani girl. Either of the narrative threads can’t stop laxity.

The intrepid field agent in the Netflix original series Mission Majnu struggles with balancing his loyalty to his wife and his country. The hero’s head-versus-heart struggle is a major factor in the fascination that the movie creates.

Sidharth Malhotra portrays a fearless spy who shifts between personal and professional life to depict selfless patriotism and carry out his duties in secret with no chance of acknowledgement and reward for his bravery in the Netflix original series Mission Majnu.This makes it similar to another contemporary spy thriller.

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A Tense Spy Thriller Honoring Unsung Heroes of the Past

Shantanu Bagchi directs the film, while Parveez Sheikh, Sumit Batheja, and Aseem Arora pen it. Through this filmmaker wants us to remember the brave sacrifices of unsung undercover operatives in the line of duty. The narrative is not, however, based on the present day, so blatantly bombastic chest-thumping is not what drives it.

It avoids strident fanaticism often found in mainstream Mumbai films of this category. That appreciable advantage, however, is undermined by a serious flaw: a physique with thin muscles. It stops the movie from gaining any real weight.

The movie does not go into nonstop activity right away. The first significant battle scene doesn’t happen until well over an hour into the movie. The action takes place on top of and inside a moving train as the hero, on the run from the Pakistani army, avoids gunfire and fights back with all of his might.

It is the story of a man who is motivated to overcome his troubled family history. He makes no effort to conceal his identity as he searches for information regarding Pakistan’s clandestine countermeasures after India’s first nuclear test in Pokhran in the middle of 1974.

The protagonist’s mundane life is just as exceptional as his bravery. But if this were less common, then Sidharth Malhotra’s role might have had a bigger impact.

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