Minimum Documents Required for Home Loan

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For the enormous majority of Indians, buying a house is possibly to be one of life’s maximum tremendous accomplishments. Finding the best home after which obtaining the best home loan are crucial. Home loans are taken out for several reasons, now no longer only a loss of finances. There are numerous extra advantages to receiving a home loan. When making use of a home loan, all banks and housing finance corporations require equal documents (HFCs). However, relying on your private home loan type, character credit score profile, and so on, a few unique standards might also additionally apply. We’ve prepared a list of a number of the maximum crucial home loan documents you may want to post at some point in the loan application process.

Understanding Home Loan

A home loan is a selected amount of cash borrowed from an economic company consisting of a financial institution or a lending company. To repay the loan, you pay a sure EMI on a month-to-month basis. The lender considers the property to be a security. If the borrower is not able to pay off the loan, the lending organization has the legal right to acquire the loan amount.

Types of Home Loans

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A home loan is lots greater than simply financing the acquisition of a brand-new house. There are numerous sorts of home loans:

• Purchase a Home Loan

• Loan for Home Construction

• Loan for Home Improvements

• Loan for Purchasing Land

• Loan for a Joint Residence

• Home Loan Balance Transfer

• Home Improvement Loan

Benefits of a Home Loan

In the assessment of different loans that can be deemed liabilities, whilst you’re taking out a home loan, you’re growing an asset. In maximum circumstances, this asset will handily develop in cost over time. This makes getting a home loan pretty appealing.

You are capable of attaining your perfect house.

A home loan can make your dream a reality. It lowers the value of buying a house.

Repay in step with your monetary situation.

Home loans are pretty adaptable. You can select a reimbursement period of as much as 30 years, placing month-to-month bills nicely inside your means. You can select an EMI and repay the loan primarily based totally on your budget.

Tax Advantages

Home loans, broadly seemed because the best tax-saving tool permits you to keep significantly. Sections 24, 80C, and 80EEA of the Income Tax Act will let you declare a tax deduction of as much as INR five lakhs.

Asset Development

Your home is an asset that could offer you the finest go-back on investment. This asset’s well worth will now no longer decline because of depreciation, in contrast to an automobile.

Simple Procedures

The methods at Home First Finance are easy and transparent, from the loan utility to the charge trip. Our dedicated customer support group is to be had to you in any respect times.

What are the documents needed for a home loan?

Though filling out a loan application can also additionally seem like a frightening endeavor, in case you do your homework, you’ll be capable of a breeze via this manner with ease. The home loan files required with the loan application are generally decided via way of means of the applicant’s profession/occupation. Let us start with the files which might be shared via way of means all:


Identity Verification

• Driver’s License

• Aadhar Card

• Passport Address Proof

• An Identity Proof with the Permanent Address

• Voter’s ID Card

Telephone Receipt for Electricity Bill

• Water Tax

• Property Tax

• Post-paid Mobile Phone Bill

Documents Concerning Property

• Stamped sale agreement/Sales Deed or letter of Allotment

• NOC from the builder/housing society

• Certificate of Possession Estimated Construction Costs

• In the event of a newly built apartment, a bank account statement is required, as well as an occupancy certificate

Passport-sized photographs

Home Loan Documents Required for Salaried and Self-Employed Applicants

A home loan application form that has been completed and signed.

Identification Documentation

Age Verification

Documentation of residency

Aside from proof of income, the salaried man or woman might be required to offer any investment proofs (together with constant deposits, shares, etc.) in addition to passport-size photographs.

For Self Employed:

• Payments paid to the builder ought to be accompanied by receipts (in case of a brand-new residence)

• Buyer Agreement / Allotment Letter

• Title Deeds, in addition to the chain of previous property documents (in case of residence resale)

• a duplicate copy of the sale contract (if already executed)

• Receipt of the residence seller’s preliminary payment

• The plots identify deeds (in case of residence construction)

• An architect’s or civil engineer’s thorough estimate of residential construction.

• A reproduction of the plans which have been authorized via way of means of the neighborhood authorities

• Evidence that there aren’t any encumbrances in the belongings

For Salaried:

If the existing process is much less than 12 months old, an employment agreement or appointment letter is required.

For Self-Employed

• Business Profile

• Latest Form 26 AS

In the case of an enterprise, a listing of Directors and Shareholders with their man or woman holdings is licensed with the aid of using a CA / CS.

On the occasion that the enterprise entity is a partnership firm, a partnership deed is required.

The Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association

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